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Mama a good horror movie that will sneak right behind you

Updated on September 29, 2015
Mama top horror movie
Mama top horror movie | Source

Mama will leave you numb

Mama directed by Andrés Muschietti starts off with the story of a lunatic father played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, who kills his business partners and separated wife suddenly kidnaps his own little daughters in his car.

He then drives crazy into the snowy highway and the car slips accidentally into the deep woods. Luckily the family escape from any wounds and instead find a deserted old cottage amidst the woods. However the father wishes to kill his daughters too before killing himself and that is what is not to be!

Here the father is killed by an unlikely creature from the past and it takes up the responsibility of the kids. So like the abandoned wolf girls from India, the two girls live like a fast wild creature preying on berries and moths and other weird things. The creature that adopts them is yes you guessed it ‘Mama.’

So back to the story the girls are reported missing by their uncle who also happens to be the same actor. The police find the car in the woods and search the old cottage just to find two weird girls crawling with dirt on their bodies and faces and live in the dark only.

The girls are taken to the hospital and treated for psychological trauma. The eldest girl soon learns the human language as she was quiet older when she got lost and so remembers most of the speech. However the younger one is totally after her ‘mama’ and lives crawling under beds and eating juicy moths occasionally.

This seems a bit off since they could have kept the crawling part only for err well watch the movie to find more!

Jessica Chastain
Jessica Chastain | Source

What else could be more terrifying than a snake like crawling thin grotesque lady who is faster than any wild animal? She is wilder and frightening than whatever you have ever seen so far! The graphics team has really done a commendable effort here. Mama perhaps outperforms all ghosts because her form is clearly visible yet she hides where you expected and also where you least suspect her to be waiting just for you!

Every year there comes a time when an unlikely movie creates a spine chilling flutter in yourself and Mama is definitely that movie you will love to watch just for its penultimate graphics and spooky visions that makes it quiet certain that something is crawling right behind you with creepy thin long ‘tree bark’ fingers.

Mama is a mystery altogether a spirit from the past that is in search of something dear to her. Yes she is a vengeful woman who happens to hide under beds, behind and inside wardrobes, under the floor and yes inside your rooms’ walls as well. The graphics done for mama is really worth mentioning. It is a portrayed as of a thin haggard and absolutely horrifying lady with wild red hair that sways like thin branches in the chill wind. The entire ghastly form is long and bends in all directions.

best horror movie Mama 2013

Nikolaj Coster
Nikolaj Coster | Source


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