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Man Made Art Found in Gardens - Examples and Photo Gallery

Updated on November 25, 2011
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Photo 2
Photo 2 | Source
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Photo 5 | Source
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Incorporating Different Art into Gardens

Gardens are sometimes looked at as works of art. I am one of those people that thinks that when I see a beautiful garden. Its like the gardener is an artist and his garden is his palette. Sometimes, we see actual art coming into gardens in different forms, which can be so fun and interesting. This is what this hub is about. It is dedicated to the different arts in different gardens.

Photos of Art in Gardens

Photo 1 - A rose mural painted onto a wall that is also under a kind of porch, so to speak. The next several photos are other flowers also painted on the walls of this garden. It was very beautiful to see each flower featured. I saw these in an Ottoman Garden at the St. Louis Botanical Garden.

Photo 2 - In this one we see an orange oriental poppy. I love poppies, and this was very beautiful.

Photo 3 - I believe this is one kind of tulip, even though it has a different shape. This kind of tulip isn't your usual tulip, but still very classy and beautiful.

Photo 4 - Carnations in art. These red carnations are beautiful. It would be so neat to have that kind of talent, would it not?

Photo 5 - This piece is either an amaryllis or a type of lily. I am leaning toward amaryllis, but if you think otherwise, let me know. Either way its a beautifl flower.

Photo 6 - This is a beautiful gold etched design into marble slab. This is on the side of a very unique sundial. Its a very beautiful piece of art.

Photos 7 & 8 - Both of these photos are of different angles of a very large, intricate set of chimes. Its quite a thing to behold. Its very heavy metals being used, and each piece seems to be sculpted as if with tender loving care. It has the feel of there not being another one like it in the whole world. I could be wrong though. Its very very unique.

Photo 9 - Dale Chihuly blown glass art on two large rose garden gates/fences. Up close, these are quite a thing to behold. I think they are mimicking the rays of sunshine. Its like sunbeams going outward and upward.

Photo 10 - This is the cutest little group or herd of sheep you ever saw. I never knew for a long time that they doubled as functional benches. Then it made sense, and then I saw people sitting on them or posing with them. Too fun and cute!

Photo 11 - These pieces of metal art, blow with the breeze. You can see that they are intricately designed to cooperate with the wind. They add a really neat touch to gardens where I have seen them displayed.

Photo 12 - To me, this is one of the most elaborate decorating for a temperate garden that I have ever seen, or even could have imagined. Its a joy to go there.

** If you look, you can find different art here and there in your community if you live in a fair sized town. You just have to know where to look for it. Sometimes it is in parks, or downtown areas. Sometimes they are at civic centers or town hall areas.

Photo 7
Photo 7 | Source
Photo 8
Photo 8 | Source
Photo 9
Photo 9 | Source
Photo 10
Photo 10 | Source
Photo 11
Photo 11 | Source
Photo 12
Photo 12 | Source


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    • oceansnsunsets profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from The Midwest, USA

      Mary, thank you! Yes, even I take a break from flowers sometimes, but it may not be for long! haha :) Always so glad when you stop by. :)

      Vasantha, thank you! :) I think they are interesting too, and I wish I was more artistic in these ways.

      Carcro, thank you!

    • carcro profile image

      Paul Cronin 

      7 years ago from Winnipeg

      Wow, those pics are absolutely amazing. I love the natural beauty of the outdoors, especially with a beautiful garden as the focal point. Thanks again for the great pics! Voted Up!

    • profile image

      vasantha T k 

      7 years ago

      Beautiful man made arts. Interesting. voted up

    • mary615 profile image

      Mary Hyatt 

      7 years ago from Florida

      Good Hub. Voted it UP, etc.etc. No flowers this time, though. Enjoyed the art. #1 is so beautiful. I first thought it was a needlework of some sort. It is so detailed. Thanks for yet another.....


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