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Mandy Moore's Top Five Acting Roles

Updated on June 24, 2015

Mandy Moore



Mandy Moore started her entertainment career as a pop, adult pop, and folk pop singer in the late 90's and 2000's. She had her first movie role in Dr. Doolittle Two in 2001, although the role was only a small voice acting part. Moore went on to have much "moore" success as an actress then with her work as a singer. She has incorporated her singing talents though into quite a few of her movie roles. Here is a list of her top five acting roles to date.

The Princess Diaries DVD

Lana in "The Princess Diaries"

"The Princess Diaries" gave Mandy Moore her first more substantial acting role as the character Lana. "The Princess Diaries" is a funny and sweet film about an awkward teen girl named Mia (played by Anne Hathaway) who discovers she is the only heir to the throne of her deceased father's country. She has to decide if she will accept being a princess and someday ruler or if she wants to give up her right to the throne so someone else will rule. She also has to deal with a full on makeover and the struggles of being a princess and going to high school with a bunch of paparazzi chasing her down. It's based very loosely on the Meg Cabot book "The Princess Diaries Series".

Although she likely was just fresh off acting classes and maybe not quite at the top of her acting game I put this role on the list because I honestly hated her from this role for a while since I saw the movie for the first time as a young kid. Lana is a popular cheerleader who enjoys bullying the main character Mia. I felt bad for Mia's character and identified with her so of course I loathed every time Lana mocked her or committed some awful prank on her. She just was really good at playing this bad character, and it's very different from most of her other roles which are usually more friendly and kind. I only really got over disliking Mandy Moore because It is mentioned by several cast members in the extras for the movie that Mandy Moore was completely unlike the character of Lana and was nice to everyone on set.

"The Princess Diaries" Movie Trailer

A Walk to Remember DVD

Jamie in "A Walk to Remember"

"A Walk to Remember" is told primarily from the perspective of Landon (played by Shane West). He's the bad boy with a bad group of friends who gets busted for his deeds and ends up stuck with volunteer work. A fellow volunteer named Jamie (played by Mandy Moore) who also goes to his high school befriends him. He tries to hide his friendship with her and his growing affections for her from his friends, because she is too "goody goody" for them. He soon learns that his concerns of what his friends may think of him liking her mean nothing to something far more troubling about their relationship.

This was Mandy Moore's first lead role and she does excellently as the bible quoting, sweet girl Jamie. Mandy Moore really does have an angelic face so her playing this character seems like a perfect fit. This role is also quite different from most of her other roles. It's true she does usually play a nice character and this is a nice character, but this character is very religious, very giving, and sometimes quiet and observant. Because the character is quiet and soft spoken Mandy Moore has to resort to using a lot of facial expressions to convey how the character feels. Even though the narration is from Landon most of the time I always knew what Jamie was thinking too because Moore did so well with expressing with only her eyes and expressions.

The movie is based on the Nicholas Sparks book of the same name. The only problem I have with the movie is they changed the time period from what it was in the book. That isn't Mandy Moore's fault though, and I really enjoyed the movie still and her part. She also sings a few songs for the movie that I loved so much I added the soundtrack to my music collection.

"A Walk to Remember" Movie Trailer

License to Wed DVD

Sadie in "License to Wed"

The premise of the comedy "License to Wed" is the main couple Sadie (Mandy Moore) and Ben (John Krasinski) are getting married but Sadie's family Reverend (Robin Williams) has them go through a tough marriage course. They talk trust, babies, fights, and even go to a marriage counseling group meeting that Reverend Frank oversees. They also must abstain from sex. This stresses out Ben to no end. He decides to try to get dirt on Reverend Frank so Sadie won't listen to him, which of course backfires.

I guess this movie really didn't get great reviews from a lot of critics but I just thought it was hilarious. The situations were funny that the Reverend put them through and I think that Williams, Moore and Krasinski were a comedic match made in heaven here. My favorite scene that just cracked me up is when the Reverend gives them fake robot babies to take care of and then Sadie and Ben's friend brings over his kids to their house because he needed them to watch them. Moore and Krasinski were also perfectly cast as a couple. The chemistry was excellent and I'd love to see them do another movie together.

"License to Wed" Movie Trailer

Because I Said So DVD

Milly in "Because I Said So"

"Because I Said So" is a romantic comedy film that centers on Daphne (played by Diane Keaton). She's a mom of three daughters (Lauren Graham, Piper Perabo, Mandy Moore) all of whom she hovers over and tries to put them on the right paths. She particularly is concerned about her youngest daughter Milly (Moore) and decides to meddle in her daughter's love life so her daughter can meet Mr. Perfect. Over the course of the movie Daphne realizes her focus on her daughter's finding happiness is because she had an unsatisfactory marriage and that she never really found her Mr. Perfect.

This movie isn't perfect, but I just love the scenes with the daughters and the mom interacting. Scenes between mothers and daughters aren't shown enough and in an accurate way in movies it seems like. The bickering sessions and the strange conversations are almost exactly how my family is. Of course some of Daphne's schemes are far fetched, but I wouldn't put it past a meddling mom to do the things she did. Mandy Moore and Diane Keaton just are great at showing a close mom and daughter bond while also showing how crazy a mom and daughter can make each other.

"Because I Said So" Movie Trailer

Tangled Movie

Rapunzel in "Tangled"

"Tangled" is a Disney film that is based on the fairy tale Rapunzel. It's changed quite a bit though with the male lead Flynn Rider (Zachary Levi) being a thief rather then a prince. Rapunzel (Mandy Moore) is also much more fleshed out in the movie. She is quirky and very multi-talented. She can paint, sew, cook, read, play musical instruments, clean, do stretches, style her hair, and she can talk to a chameleon named Pascal. Flynn shows up at her tower and takes her out of the tower because she wants to see the lantern lights that show up on her birthday each year. The wicked woman who stole her and put her in the tower is of course furious and goes after them. In the original fairy tale the prince just met Rapunzel and visited her once in a while in the tower until the wicked woman discovered it and chopped off Rapunzel's hair and cast her our into the woods. She then blinded the prince who spent his days blindly searching for Rapunzel in the woods. While this movie deviates away from that plot line I like that they modernized it and it's really a very colorful, adorable, and hilarious movie.

Mandy's voice acting as Rapunzel is really great. She captures how Rapunzel is a little awkward and quirky. She also gets to sing quite a number of songs in the film. Rapunzel is very different from the other Disney princess characters since she is quirky and not always confident until the very end of the film. She goes through a lot of character development and at the end really comes into her own and stands up for herself. Most of the Disney princesses don't go through an arc like that. They are usually timid throughout the story or they're tough throughout the story. Mulan and Elsa are the only ones I can think of who also go through a coming into their own arc like Rapunzel. I really credit Mandy Moore for being able to voice a young woman who is ensure of herself to a woman who is confident and strong after going through a crazy adventure. In fact the characters and the story of Tangles was so successful the movie is going to be adapted into a cartoon series on the Disney channel with Mandy Moore doing Rapunzel's voice acting and Zachary Levi voicing Flynn.

"Tangled" Movie Trailer


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