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Comics and Manga Aren't That Different

Updated on April 23, 2020

Let me Explain

If you read comics or manga then chance are you have run across someone saying that one is superior to the other, the action is better in manga or the story of comics are better and so forth.

Not counting recent events I think that is all garbage and that they really are not that different after all, chances are if you have a good idea then someone else probably thought of it too.

Allow me to explain further why these two mediums aren't really that different and maybe shouldn't be separated at all.

Some of the ideas are similar

Fan art of Goku and Superman doing a high five. I would like to see more art like this.
Fan art of Goku and Superman doing a high five. I would like to see more art like this.

The photo above is the perfect example of some of what I am talking about with similar ideas. Goku and Superman are both aliens from a dying or dead planet, both got sent to earth not knowing there true origins and both now defend there world from evil forces alien or otherwise. they both share such a simple but similar idea it's amazing, now perhaps aspects of Son Goku was inspired by Superman, Supreman would have been about 30 years old by the time Son Goku would be introduced but I have never read anything confirming this possible link between the two characters.

A bit of topic but if the two characters were to meet they wouldn't fight Superman is a good judge of character and he would be able to see that Goku is a nice guy and although Goku enjoys a good challenge he doesn't start fights for no given reason and he too is a good judge of character so I imagen they would team up and defeat Frieza or Darksied together

Sometimes they bouce off one Another

My Hero Acadamia from but based on American comics.
My Hero Acadamia from but based on American comics.
RWBY from America but based on Japanese manga.
RWBY from America but based on Japanese manga.

Series creator Kōhei Horikoshi as stated that when writing My Hero Academia he was inspired by such things like Spider-Man and various other comics from the U.S.A. and it shows, My Hero Academia is basically a alternate version of the X-Men world which is nether good nor bad.

At the other end RWBY was made in the U.S.A. right down to the characters generally having more American names such as like Ruby Rose or Blake Belladonna, before he passed away in 2015, series creator Monty Oum said he was inspired by Hong Kong action films more than anything and much like the franchise above it shows. the famous food fight in RWBY is proof of that.

So, what then?

There have been many like the dark knight.
There have been many like the dark knight.
Spider-Man maybe one of the most influential characters ever
Spider-Man maybe one of the most influential characters ever

As wide spread as this stuff is now with internet and all there is no such thing as a single untouched idea, there have been many who have imitated Batman both in and outside the U.S. and it seems like Spider-Man like characters are all over the place, and I highly doubt that will end anytime soon in fact I would think it would only get worse. I wonder what kind of superheroes France may produce or already have produced and we have yet to see perhaps, Germany has got some awesome characters to explore. We have seen a rise in more diverse video games such as White Night and Ritual on Weylyn Island so I can only imagine that we will start to see this in comics more.

So ahy do only a few of them succeed?

Love this quote
Love this quote

exactly what the image above says. Some of these ideas have been done to death but the one thing that always is different is how they are done. Superman and Goku are very similar but they are done in such different styles that they can both be enjoyed for different reasons same goes for Batman and Ironman, both are billionaires using technology and brains to save the day but batman is more focused on a broken psychology of it's characters than Iron man and Dragon Ball is less focused on the day to day life. My Hero Academia is allot like the X-Men if the mutant kind was just excepted and schools were opened all over the world.

I think they are not to different at all but what do you guys think, please let me know in the commit section below, I'm Wanderin Jim and I hope you have a super happy day.


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