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Manga And Anime Where Character Has Amnesia

Updated on June 25, 2014

Midnight Children


Girl Lives With A Band

Midnight Children is by Shinjo Mayu. This is a very tame anime. This only has a little kissing in it.

Two twins, Tora and Ryu, find a girl in the rain. They bring the girl home. However, girls are not allowed in their dorm.

She quickly meets everyone in the large apartment. At first, they freak out thinking that she is a ghost. But, this is later proved to be crazy talk.

The girl has flashbacks of trying to tell her brother that she wants to forget everything. This does happen to her.

They take her to a doctor to try to help her. They guys think that she might remember them but she turns out not remembering anything from the last three years.

She seems to remember that she likes flowers,songs and to sing. One of the guys help name herself Sumire, the name of a flower she first sees after going to the doctor.

She finds out that the boys that helped her are in some sort of band called Risky. They are all teen idols. Still, She stays with the band but still does not remember anything.

Will she find out her past? Will she find love?

Seishun For-get!


He Dates A Girl That He Once Loved In The Past

Mikabe Sesuna authored Seishun forget!

Natsuki Taiyou falls in love at first sight. HOwever, the girl only can remember him for 24 hours. That is her medical condition.

He tries to make her love him everyday. She does not have a boyfriend because she forgets about guys after a day. Guy just give up. The first thing she remembers about him is he can cook her great food for lunch.

She start to remember his friend and the girl that wants to be her friend. However, she says she feels physiologically repulsed by him.

There is another girl that likes him. The girls decide that love triangle is a good thing.

Will he ever make the girl he loves remember him? Or, will there be more girls asking him out?

Rave Master


She Looks Great For Her Age

Mashima Hiro authored Rave Master. This is a long manga. There are many characters to understand.

Haro finds dog or something like a dog. His father disappeared years ago. Hiau takes care of his sister, Cattleya.

Soon, an old man shows up telling Haro that he tried to stop the end of the world 50 years ago but instead he only scared his power. The war ended but a power was set lose in the world.
Now, that the man can't use his power but Haro is the only one that can use the power. The power is a stone that the old man had before he was unable to use it anymore. Haro and his dog are supposed to collect the missing stone pieces.

During those 50 years, the world was being corrupted by people who love chaos. They want to destroy all the world using magic. Only one boy can use the power of a stone that is placed in a sword to save the world.

The main character meets a girl that has lost her memory after using her powers. There is only one character that has lost her memory. She stays with the main character to help save the world.

Will he save the world? Will this girl find out who she really is? Will Haro ever find his dad?

Six Half


Bad Girls

Do girls that do wrong deserve to be punished?

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She Should Have Died

Iketani Rikako authored Sixth Half. This story is does not make the main character into a saint.

I do find this manga kind of strange since she can not remember much. It seems that the author did rush this story. I didn't understand Iketani Rikako anger toward most of the people in the manga.

Sixth Half is about Kikukawa Shiori that loses her memories. Everyone wished she died instead of just losing her memories. Why? She was not a very nice person.

Her friends secretly hate her. Her sister makes no means to her hate for her sister. There is one person in her family that does not hate her: her stepbrother.

Kikukawa Shiori tries to make herself into a better person but there are something that just can not be changed.

Sailor Moon


I Do Not Remember Saving The World

Sailor Moon written by Takeuchi Naoko. There is not much to understanding this anime or manga. The girls fight evil.

This happens all the time to the main characters after they win a battle. They lose their memories only to have them come back the next time. Usually the characters die and come back with no memory of dying in the manga.

There are many magical girls that fight against attacks from outer space. They also have a magical boy with them. He is not much older than them in the manga but much older in the anime.

My Darren and Serena Tribute- Leona Lewis Bleeding Love By sweetdream242424163

Zenno no Noa - The World of Lost Memories


Possible Intentional Amnesia

Ono Youichirou is the author of Zennou no Noa - The World of Lostmemories. This story has to do with treating others differently.

A lot of people lost their memories when a bright light in the sky shown down to Earth. A boy finds out his name is Noa Ikurmi and he is a student or was a student. he is 15 years old. Over a million people lost their memories that day.The memory lost was given a name "Simultaneous Mass Memory Disorder". No one knows how to fix the problem, so those infected were isolated so that if that if the disorder was a disease no one else would get it.

Everyone who has lost their memory is called "KIDZ" they will be allowed to leave the isolation when the cure is found for the memory lost.

When released the Kidz are still not able to function correctly. They act like kids. The kids only know how to speak. They need to be taught how to act. However, many people take advantage of them.

The boy goes to school and seems to be smarter then the other kids. One day he meets a girl that might be a terrorist. She is almost found out but he saves her. She is looking for her friend that made a weapon of mass destruction that does not kill. He is the one the made the bomb but he does not remember.

He was arrested along with his friends. He escaped by creating a small light bomb with this woman named Himiko that he might have just met. Himiko seems to know him or might only know about him.

What was known was that the Kidz are treated very poorly by others who have not lost their memory. Many want the Kidz to stay out of society because the Kidz are different.


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