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Manga And Anime Where Girl Has To Become A Maid

Updated on April 7, 2017

Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama


Misaki ♥ Usui - Wouldn't change a thing by oXxYuukixXo

Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama

Misaki Ayuzawa does not like boys because they are dirty. They tempt girls, live in like animals, and they scare the girls with their over the top ways. She is the president of the student council. Determined to change all the school into a better place, Misaki Ayuzawa enforces the rules with a loud voice. Her father has moved away because he has too many bills to pay. She still lives with her mother.

She has a job in a maid cafe, only to pay the bills. Unfortunately, the most popular boy in school, Takumi Usui, finds out about her being a maid. Then, he goes to where she works all the time. Three others find out about where she works but he tells them to say nothing but they come to see her every day.

What does this manga mean by maid cafe?

A cafe where woman serve men/woman tea and desert. They also wear tasteful uniforms or do cos-play every now-and-again. The uniforms are tasteful.

What do other characters think of Misaki Ayuzawa?

The guys hate her at first but later she gets one follower then three. Later, a fan club forms in order to be just like her.

The girls look to her to save them from the overbearing male population. This is because most of the males are too many to approach.




Kiuchi Tatsuya has written HACHIMITSU NO HANA. This is a safe manga to read for all ages.

Chitose is a maid for a rich family. This is a change from the high school girl becomes a maid for a rich high school boy. In this one, the girl is already employed by the family.

The manga takes place in the Meiji Era. This is the time in Japan from 1868–1912.

Lan comes into the house as the adopted son of the master of the house. Lan is the nephew of the master of the house. Since, Chirose and Lan are around the same age the master told her to take care of him.

Lan gets the wrong idea about the people that live there because they have never seen such a person with blue eyes and blonde hair. Chirose is sure that everyone will like him more and more.

The maids are not sure about him but the students at his school notice him as upper class. People start to make fun of her when she goes out in public when she is around him. In spite of what others think, she keeps falling in love with him more each day.

Quick Changes

Do you think that the main characters changed to quickly?

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Tennenkei Ouji

Fujisawa Shizuki is the author of Tennenkei Ouji.

Aoi has many brothers and sisters, so many that the older boys have to find jobs. She has been thinking of getting a job, too. When her mother gets hurt carrying around some blankets, she must work her mother's part time job as a cook at the home of the very rich Masafumi.

Masafumi is a the school's richest boy. He does not socialize with many people. He also eats food that rich people would eat. Aoi decides to change his menu at home with something that poor people would eat, if only to teach him a listen. It turns out that he never liked what was in his refegerator. Also, he loves Aoi's cooking.

His grandparents live with him. They don't like the food that the cooks have been preparing, either. They don't like their daughter's home but feel obligated to stay because of her son.

Leaving Home

Why did the girls really leave home?

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He Is My Master

Mattsu authored, He Is My Master. Warning: this manga should not be read by children. I only put this manga up here for reference. There will be no picture for this one.

Yoshitaka Nakabayashi's parents have just died. He is left with a large home. No one is left to take care of him. He needs to hire someone to live in house keepers (In the anime, he has fire the old house keepers). Izumi (she has lots of fans that help her do destructive irresponsible things) and Mitsuki (the subject of many perverted pranks) apply for the job because they are young, cute and they have an alligator.

Yoshitaka Nakabayashi is a pervert but because this manga is for a younger audience, there will be no serious adult content. Instead, there are all type of contests that don't make much sense. The contests have are mostly just for fun.

Soon, Anna who likes Izumi becomes his maid, too. There is also a five year old, Karin who wants to be a maid. Karin is does not stay a maid.


Morita Fuji authored OBOCCHAMA NO OTANOSHIMI. There is nothing in this one that has not been read before in others of this type except for one small point. I will not spoil the manga for those who have the time to read this one.

Nakajima Ayumi mother has hurt her back, so, she must go to work in her mother's place. Unbeknownst to her the young master of the house is already in love with her. He wants to marry her. And, There are others that try to get in the way of the relationship.

This is a very short manga. I would have liked it to be longer. As with most manga, children should not read it.


Kurumatani Haruko wrote BISHOUNEN NO OHEYA. I am not including a picture.

Sakurano Koyuki use to have the highest grades in school. She is very poor and her family has debts to pay (This is like most of the maid mangas). However, there is a new student. His name is Jinguu Itsuki. The top student gets their tuition and school fees paid for them. She can not pay for her schooling if she stays the second student.

Somehow, Jinguu Itsuki notices that she is poor. He pays for her families debts and employees her as a maid. After, he will not leave her alone.

Sakurano Koyuki wants to marry for money but Jinguu Itsuki keeps getting in the way saying things like she is his.They very soon after that fall in love with each other.


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    • DChance2 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      There are different types of manga for everyone. Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama should be safe to read for first time readers.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I've never read any of this type of story before. I mean I've heard similar plots, but haven't read this type of comic book. I may check out a few of them because they would be something new for me. Thanks for the little synopsis.


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