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Manga And Anime Where A Human And A Devil/Demon Like Each Other

Updated on May 22, 2014

Kurenai Ouji


No Where Else To Go

Kuwahara Souta wrote KURENAI OUJI. This is an ongoing manga.

Sakura Koujirou is a demon prince that came to Earth for training. The devils are to destroy the humans that are intelligent and have power before the angels find out or the humans will work against the devil in the end. He must complete a mission while on Earth. One, learn about humans.Two, harm humans every day. Three, complete his special mission to steal the soul of the human that will harm the demon world. He is give a clue to finding the human. He has something called the Cardinal Eye that will help him on the mission.

This Cardinal Eye is something that he already has inside of him before the mission. When the eye awakens, he is to fallow what it says. This all has to happen in three years.

While doing bad deeds, he gets knocked out by a baseball. The young prince awakens to find that he is in the home of Hana. Hana is the young female lead of the manga

Hana takes him in as a stray. Yes, just like a cat. Hana later offers him a place to stay after he finds that the place he was to stay is all booked up.

Hana live with her grandmother. Her mother is in the hospital and her father is somewhere unknown. Her family owns a bakery. This person or persons are unknown for a while in the manga. Hana does have a hard life but she is always smiling around Sakura Koujirou.

This is a must read. I love this story.

Akuma to Dolce


Demons Love Sweets

Suzuki Julietta wrote AKUMA TO DOLCE. I think this one is finished without an epilogue. The girl in the manga is too young to be married.

Ogura Mayuri is a girl with no friends. She lives alone because her parents are always working. However,she has lots of talent to cook. She cooks for people in her class, too.

She knows that demons love sweets. So, because she is alone Ogura Mayuri summons demons to do minior taskes for candy and sweets. In her world, demons will do anything for sweets. They love it. She has summoned enough small demons that she knows them by name. They have become her friends, as long as, she has candy.

Ogura Mayuri can summon demons, too. Her and her mother are both are witches. Her father is not witch.

One day, she summons the great devil Belze Beaut-sama when she spills tea on her skirt. She needs that skirt to be clean but does not have the time to clean it. He grants her wish then makes a special circle so that she can summon him if he has the time to come to her.

He finds out that she has no friends. Belze Beaut-sama has his follower, Mefisto Ferce become her friend.

Will she ever get true friends? Will she capture a devil for herself?



Love Will Save The Day

Ichtys wrote Superior. Yuusha and Sheila are on a mission of love. No, wait! That is not the story.

Yuusha is on a mission to bring happiness to all humans and demons, except for the demon lord. The demon lord, he will kill. Yuusha feels that the demon lord is not worth saving.

Yuusha comes to a castle to find the demon lord. He finds Sheila thinking that she might be the demon lord but then she tells him that she is a lower demon. Sheila directs him to another room that holds someone that is close to the demon lord. They threaten that demon but leave that one to go searching the demon lord.

He realizes that he needs to go find his friends to help him out. The first one he finds is Lakshri. Lakshri is his right hand man. He carries around two swords but he does not kill people or monster with it.

Angelica is the next member of their group. She carries a rod with a stone one the end of it. Also, she wants Lakshri to fall in love with her.(That does not happen in this manga.)

All of them travel around saving people. They also help everyone understand that humans and demons can live together.

The Demon Lord: The demon lord says that she is going to kill the hero. She intends to get close to the hero, then kill him.

Will the demon lord die? Will the hero die? Will the peace and love be spread throughout the land?



Otome Youkai Zakuro - Diamond By German_Sniper9

We Now Save Mankind

Hoshino Lily wrote OTOME YOUKAI ZAKURO. This manga has to do with pairing up guys with fox girls.

Relations between the demon and fox world have been growing thin. The Meiji Era has half fox girls that have been born that are used to protect humans. Each of this girls gets a commander of the army to help her out. One of the commander gets two girls to help him out.

The girls only have fox ears. Here is how they where born. A woman is pregnant. She is spirited away by a fox demon one night. Then, the baby is born with fox years and fox demon-like powers.The girls are not wanted in the town any more. So, a female fox demon comes to get them to raise them to protect humans.

Zakuro is a fox girl that is introduced to a lieutenant just like the rest of the fox girls. Agemaki Kei tries to act cool at first but she quickly finds out that he is afraid of her. He eventually comes to like her.

Wedding Peach


A Girl Can Save The World

Tomita Sukehiro and Yazawa Nao have authored Wedding Peach. This is about a girl that must protect the world from evil. Also, she has cute little creatures and friends to help her, too.

Momoko is the main girl in this manga that transforms into Wedding Peach. She has two other friends: Yori and Hina-Gaku that help her defeat devils that come to the Earth to cause choas. They protect secret items that they wear. They are never to give the items to the devils.

Yana-gibaa is the school's good looking guy. Girls all love him. They make him lunches every day.

Fuuma Yousuke is a guy at school that makes Momoko's life defucult when she wants to get around the very cute Yana-Gibaa.

Warning: This anime is very strange. I could not help but to be shocked.

Momoko & Yosuke - Just The Way You Are By niCii4ever

Watashi No Ookami-san


Demon Lord Falls In Love With Hero

Fujiwara Cocoa wrote WATASHI NO OOKAMI-SAN.

Komo is a hero that has a level zero in power. She seeks to not be poor any longer and defeat the demon lord.

Maou-sama is the demon lord. The demon lord is deeply in love with Komo. So, he decides to quite being demon lord.

Komo thinks that he is a pervert, so she does not take him seriously when he says that he loves her. They travel together to help villages.

One day, Komo hopes to live in her own home, have a dog and a large yard for herself. She works part time jobs to make her wish come true.


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