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Manga Where Main Character Travels Back In Time

Updated on October 12, 2014

Ouke No Monshou


Cursed Girl

HOSOKAWA Chieko wrote Ouke no Monshou.

Carol's father funds the dig in the valley of the kings. She is a student at the Cero College who does not want to study anywhere else.

When a new tomb is descovered, she is one of the first to see the tomb. She thinks the sarcophagus is that of a hansom young man. Even though, Carol already has a guy she likes she leans against the tomb.

There is a cursed writing that curses those that found the king. The tomb is moved right away without much though to what may happen.

It turns out that the curse is real. A real mummy goes looking for the sarcophagus of her brother.

Carol finds the mummy whom is now in human form. However, as soon the grave is robbed and the body can not be found the mummy wants to redouble efforts at revenge.

Upon looking for clues, Carol gets separated from her group. Then, the wall paintings start to move. She gets thrown back in time where the pharaoh is still alive and so is his sister. She finds out that she just might be sacrificed when she calls out to her brother. Only then, does she she goes back to the future.

When once again, Carol gets thrown into the past can she servive?

Dragon Ball


Just There To Save Someone

Akira Toriyama wrote Dragon Ball Z.

This happens when Trunks goes back in time to save Goku from dieing.

Dragon Ball is about an alien named Goku and his friends. They save the Earth. However, this Earth has different creatures on it. Even some gods are on the Earth but most do not help out at all.

Most of Goku's time is spent eating and fighting.

The character Trunks does not show up until Dragon Ball Z. Dragon Ball is the first part of the series. Dragon Ball Z is the second part of the series.

The character Trunks is from the future, so when he saves Goku he stays a little bit then goes back to his own time.

Goku's father was spent back in time and became the first Super Saiyan.

Warning: The video below does have nudity and violence in it of a cartoon character variety.

dragonball episode 1: Secret of the Dragon Balls by XdragonXfreakX's channel

Sakura Juuyuushi


She Finds A Sword

Ueda Rinko wrote Sakura Juuyuushi.

Sakura starts to see things or so she thinks. Her sister has a boyfriend and she does not. However, one day at a tournament for Kendo Sakura sees a boy that she thinks would be nice to date. Because of her thoughts, Sakura loses the tournament.

Sakura thinks she sees the guy, again. When she meets with the guy again, he claimes that she knows him. Sakura takes him to her home for a tour of her home then she finds a small sword. Sakura hears a voice to raise her blade.

She awakes in the Sengoku era.The guy that joined her earlier did not go back in time with her.

Once in the era, several guys want to take Sakura's blade but she runs away. The Lord Sanada Yukimura saves her but when she runs away he captures her. He claims that she is a Kunoichi(female ninja). He has Sakura taken her to the dungeons.

When Sakura predicts what might happen, she becomes the miko of the house.

Will she servive that era or will she die in it?

Red River


Falling In Love

Chie Shinohara wrote Red River.

Yuuri Suzuki receives her first kiss from her friend who has been her firend for three years. At 15 years of age that day seems to be the best day of her life.

She feels so lucky but something odd happens. The liquad in of the glasses on a tray flies up.

The next day, he acts awuard to her. But what is very strange is that two hands reach out a fish tank. She thinks she is too stressed over exams but the hands try to capture her again while she is taking a bath. So, from that time on she stays away from water.

Later, when she is coming home from the movies she steps into a puddle. Long hands grap her. As she tries to get out of the water, she ends up pulled back in history to the 14th century in the Hittite Empire.

It turns out that a woman pulled her threw time to get her blood. The woman happens to be the queen of that time.

Soilders start to chase her. She does find an unknown man while running away and he kisses her. His name is Kail.

She runs away only to be taken to the lady that brought her to that time. Then, she is put up as a sacrifice but one of the princes saves her.

However, the queen does not care of the girl's condition. She wants the girl's blood.

Will the queen get blood? Will the girl ever get home?

Doctor Saving Those That Should Have Died

Murakami Motoka wrote Jin.

Jin is a doctor that travels back in time to the Edo era after removing a conjoined twin from his patent's head.

Upon arriving, he saves a man who shorty after the sergery lets him be part of his family. That family helps Jin save the people in the Edo era from diseases.

He saves countess peoples' lives in a short amount of time. His practices are scary to the doctors of the time. They think that he is from the west. Others are scared of him because he is an outsider.

His popularity does rise throughout the time spent in that era.

She Is A Tactician

Daisy2 wrote Sangoku Rensenki - Otome no Heihou!

A girl that refers to herself as a tactician goes back in time while working on her homework in the library. Her name is Yamada Hana.

She hears a voice that tells her where to go and tells her to tell the someone named Gentoku that she is Koumei's messenger. She should go with Gentoku.

Yamada Hanagets chased by a boar then meets three men. One of the men is the guy she seeks and there is others called Oncchou and Yoku-Toku.

She awakes the next day to find out that she to Sir Gentoku tachnision. She is reluctant at first but helps him.

Time Travel

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