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Mangas Where There Are Mermaids

Updated on February 20, 2015

Mermaid Forest


Mermaid Forest By CBL1979

Never Eat Mermaid Flesh

Takahashi Rumiko wrote Mermaid Forest Manga.

Long ago, someone fed a man's friends some mermaid flesh. The flesh turned his friends into monsters and him immoral. Years later, he gets lonly so he marries. But, when she gets older he goes searching for mermaid flesh.

He finds a guy does find a man selling fake mermaid flesh and his daughter. But, he does not find a mermaid.

Not having any sense of time, he searches for the flesh. The story is unclear if he ever gave the flesh to his wife. However, he finds out that many people are not lucky enough to become immortal. The story does say that he finds some mermaids.

What he finds next is some mermaids trying to eat human flesh. Later, he finds a woman to to join him on his journey.

My Bride is a Mermaid


He Must Marry Her

Tahiko Kimura wrote Seto no Hanayome.

He gets saved by a mermaid from drowning. He tries to tellhis parents that he saw a mermaid but they don't beleave him.

Then a girl arrives to propose to him. She is the mermaid that saved him. If he does not marry her he will die.

She quickly has him sent to see her parents however her father wants him dead.
Her father does everything in his power to kill the boy while her mother wants them two to be together.

Seto No Hanayome - Love Tonic By Anime Snippets

Maigo no Kemonotachi


Demons Eat Mermaids

Fujita Maguro wrote Maigo no Kemonotachi.

A mermaid and her friend get swept away to the demon world. They know that if they don't escape they will be eatten. But, they are soon separated.

One of the mermaids named Myuu makes her legs turn human but she is still naked. While demons are hunting for her, a demon named Jirou resues her. He thinks that she is a mermaid but she tells him that she is only wearing mermaid scales on her ears as earrings. This sort of works.

He give her his jacket. Then, they serach for her friend.

Her friend is found but not alive. Myuu does not take this very well. Even though, she is being chased by demons she stays with her dead friend.

Will she ever get home or will she be demon chow?

There Is No Cure

Kamata Kimiko wrote Mermaid Syndrome.

A doctor is trying to figure out why people are turnng into mermaids. That doctor has even written a book about the problem.

Even though he has no solution to the problem people still want to come see him. They trust that he will find a cure in the future.

Prince Bubble


He Thinks She Knows His Secret

Xu Lu wrote Prince Bubble.

After trasfering to a new school San-Yue gets confesed to by a Wi-Lan. Other girls start to harass Wi-Lan while she confesses but she yells at them.

He asks her, "why," she confessed and she says that he has the smell of the ocean. Apparently, she loves the smell of the ocean.

Instead of saying anything more, San-Yue turns and walks away leaving Wi-Lan just standing there.

Later, other has harass her for being a fisherman's daughter. However, She does not know if he will harass her but she wants to be with him because he feels like someone from her home.

After, being near her San-Yue think that she found out his secret.

He does all sort of things to avoid going to school. However, for some reason he must go because his family's fate depends on him.

San-Yue wants to walk Wi-Lan home put she says, "no." On the way to school, she meets him. Also, she sees people drowning. She rushes to save them only to start to drown. He saves her.

She tries to say thank you for saving her life by giving him a fancy lunch but he knocks it to the ground because he does not understand humans.

Do Not Just Drink A Potion


A mermaid dreams of marrying a human. She knows of the story were the mermaid turns into seafoam. Instead of taking the story as a bad omen, she meets a boy on the shore that saves her with the use of CPR.

She believes this is the man she will marry. So, she asks a witch to make her human.

The witch makes an attempt to tell her about the potion but she takes the potion from the witch. She drinks the potion without realizing what will happen to her. After, the witch scolds her for taking the potion too soon. The witch tells her that, if a mermaid does not find love she will be come a super ugly fish.

She goes on land to meet the man that saved her. However, he wants her to go back to the sea. Instead of lessoning to him, he stays with him as his maid.

Time is still running out for her. Soon, she starts to grow scales.

Will she die or find love?

Watch Where You Step

Yoshihara Yuki wrote Ningyo Ouji.

A woman gets dumped by her boyfriend. Later, that night she tries to get away from a man then she falls into the sea. A man saves her but turns out to be a merman.

The merman fallows her home.


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