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Manifest -- Snow Falling Down...

Updated on February 17, 2020

But what does it mean?

Last time – Mick learned she’d bagged another married man in the sack. Olive confessed to Ben she’s a Believer and Ben beat up Adrian. Jared tipped off the Xers to a police raid and got introduced to who may be the head of the Xers, Ben’s boss.

This time – Zeke meets a friend on the street and buys some junk. He goes home to his drug buddy and feeds her some drugs while they kiss. She jokes that they should get married.

Now she’s at a drug anonymous meeting with Zeke. She says they fed each other’s addictions and were toxic together and now he’s trying to help her beat the habit.

The Mickster says Zeke and his wife weren’t legally married cause he never filed the papers. Does make her any less a married man’s hoochie toy.

Jared’s new girlfriend gives him a new haircut. He says he feels like a new man. I think I liked the old do, better.

TJ and Olive walking down the street. They go to a Believers meeting. Adrian tells Olive she has to go because she’s a minor. Adrian says there will be another miracle even bigger.

A reporter knows Grace is pregnant. Ben is talking to Grace and finds himself back on the plane. Mick is real nasty to him talking about his drinking. It’s not the way they acted on the plane previously. He sees Saanvi and she disappears. Ben tells Grace he thinks Saanvi is in trouble and she tells him to go help her.

Captain won’t believe Mick about the leak. Might be because she’s working for the bad guys.

Ben tries to get Saanvi to open her lab. He asks Mick to help. She gets the guard to open her lab and they find her on the floor. They realize she’s experimenting on herself. Another doctor says she’ll be fine. Mick gets a page and has to go.

TJ suggests to Olive they look for the fortune teller who read her fortune two years after the plane disappeared.

Ben tries to get Saanvi to agree to not to experiment on herself. She says she wasn’t asking him for help, but trying to help a little boy on the plane. Ben says he’ll go find the boy.

Ben talks to the guy who was sitting in the seat the boy was. He says he doesn’t know any boy. The man says he was never supposed to be on the plane. Ben sees the boy in a picture and the man says it’s a childhood photo of him.

Mick comes home to find Courtney beaten up and trouble at her apartment.

TJ and Olive question a fortune teller about the fortune teller previously there. The woman tells them the deck of cards the woman used is rare and has been out of print for years, but there’s still some you can get.

Ben goes back to Saanvi and they think the boy was a product of a one night stand the man had before boarding the flight. The woman’s name is Orlena.

Courtney owes a man named Lucas $20,000. She says that she has to work for Lucas now and Zeke says absolutely not.

Saanvi says she’s supposed to do this Calling with Ben because they had it together. It turns out Orlena was a married woman and her husband doesn’t know her son isn’t his.

Olive and TJ get a deck of the tarot cards and start doing research. The creator of the cards was lost at sea for 10 years and then he returned. He said he could hear the voice of God in his head. When TJ thinks the guy probably died 10 years after returning Olive starts playing with the tarot cards trying to cheer him up. She says he has a bright shiny future.

Courtney said she doesn’t get Mick. She says Mick is the reason he’s gotten clean. Zeke tells Mick he’s going to deal with Lucas. Zeke says he won’t turn his back on Courtney. Mick starts having a weird calling of snowflakes and says she’s coming with him. She’s supposed to do the Calling with him. Just like Saanvi.

Mick plans to go undercover to nail Lucas.

Ben and Saanvi tell Finn he has a son. But that Orlena’s husband doesn’t know Theo isn’t his son. Finn wants to meet Theo just once.

Zeke takes Mick to meet Lucas. Zeke offers to pay back Courtney’s debt. Lucas says he knows Zeke but not Mick and he wants Mick to shoot up for him to trust her.

Finn sees Orlena in the park. She agreed to let him meet Theo once, but she says that’s all it’s going to be. Saanvi thinks Theo has liver disease and that’s why he needed help.

Zeke offers to take the drugs instead to get Mick off the hook. They stage a fight and the dealer let’s the drug test go. Then one of Lucas’ men recognizes Mick as an 828er and a cop.

They find a wire on Mick. Zeke attacks Lucas so he won’t shoot her. Her partner comes in and gets a drop on them.

Finn is a perfect match and agrees to give Theo a liver donation and Orlena says he deserves to be part of his son’s life

Jared hanging at the pool hall. He’s confronted for being engaged to an 828er and ordered to stay away from the guy’s sister, Tamara. Jared says whatever came back wasn’t Mick. She destroyed his marriage and threw him under the bus for some drug addict. He’s there because she destroyed his entire life. That changes the Xer’s mind about him.

Ben tells Olive what she found changes everything. Olive asks if she can go meet TJ.

Mick and Zeke come home and find Courtney gone. Zeke says he made his amends to her so he’s done.

Grace says maybe they should do the story in the magazine. She suggests trying to convince the world that the baby is Danny’s to protect the baby. Ben is against the idea and says they’ll protect their baby together.

Olive meets TJ. He sets up a romantic setting with candles and music. They share a kiss.

Saanvi back in the lab. She decides to test on herself, again.

Mick finds pills that Zeke has hidden in her bathroom then snow starts coming down, it comes down in the lab and Ben’s office two. But it isn’t snow. It’s ash. Ben, Saanvi and Mick are in the remains of a crashed plane. Adrian is also there watching the three in the remains of the plane.

Ben says some of these people weren’t on the plane but Finn is on the plane and dead.


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