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Manju Warrier – The Charming Actress of Kerala

Updated on March 12, 2017
Lady Super Star!
Lady Super Star!

Manju Warrier – The Dearest Actress of Kerala

Manju Warrier was a dancer first, and the path to her successful life as an actress started when she was presented by the Kalathilaka pattam two times by the Kerala state level youth festival. The movie ‘Sakshyam’ released in 1995 was her first movie. She became famous through the movie ‘Sallapam’ (1996), that she acted as a heroine at the age of 18. Dileep, her husband, was the hero in that movie. Later she acted in almost 20 Malayalam movies within a period of three years in which she astonished not only the spectators but also her colleagues. She got the state award for the best actress in the movie ‘Ee Puzhayum kadannu’. In 1999 she got a special jury award for the movie ‘Kannezhuthi Pottum Thottu’.

Manju Warrier in Traditional Dress
Manju Warrier in Traditional Dress

Manju - Again into the helter-skelter of Start….Action

As wished by all- Manju Warrier is coming back. First in the dance venue, later in the cyber world and now into the mini screen and finally into the big screen through an advertisement- Manju is coming back. It was a moment awaited by Malayalam. The moment when the dear actress of Malayalam, Manju is back again in front of the camera. Now she has again changed into a star- A Lady Super Star! Now everywhere the discussions are on Manju. Will Manju come back to cinema? If yes, When? Or will she concentrate in the dance field.

The website named started this June. More than 60,000 people visited the website on the very first day. This website has opened a home page of expectations in the hearts of all the Keralites. It has been designed by those who had prepared websites for Amithab Bachan and Salman Khan.

dance performance by manu
dance performance by manu

Secret behind Manju’s success

She was devoted, dutiful and unflappable in all the movies she acted. She was admired and is still admired by the well informed audiences throughout the world for her simple yet detailed portrayal of characters. She is the only one actress who is missed by both the audience and the film industry equally. Researches prove that it’s her humility and simplicity that gained her this affection.

After her marriage with the actor Dileep, she stopped acting. She came back to stage on 24th October 2012 after a period of 14 years. It was through a dance performance in the Melpathur Auditorium of The Guruvayur Temple.

Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan with Malayalam actor Manju Warrier at the shooting of an ad film for Kalyan Jewellers
Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan with Malayalam actor Manju Warrier at the shooting of an ad film for Kalyan Jewellers

Manju coming back; In the Kalyan advertisement along with Amithab Bachan

Manju Warrier began her second innings with a bang through a new advertisement of Kalyan Jewelers, by sharing the screen along with Amithab Bachan. The advertisement is being pictured in three other languages other than Malayalam. A strong female character was required for the advertisement. The Chairman and Managing Director of Kalyan Jewelers, T.S. Kalyana Raman said that they didn’t search for any other person for that role when they came to know that Manju Warrier is coming back to the field of acting. Manju had acted in an advertisement of Kalyan Jewelers before. The last four advertisements were super hits due to creativity and star contribution. The producer and script writer of the advertisement, V. A. Sree Kumar said that he is very pleased and excited to direct an advertisement by including Manju.

Kalyan Jewellers Trust Ad Amitabh Bachchan with Manju Warrier

Manju Warrier Family Photo
Manju Warrier Family Photo

Manju Warrier

Do you think that Manju Warrier Had Abortion Without Dileep's Consent?

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Manju Warrier in an Ayurvedic treatment

Actress Manju Warrier getting prepared to come back to the cinema field underwent an ayurvedic treatment. The famous play back singer, Venu Gopal posted a photo of himself along with Manju in the facebook. The photo was taken while they both were in treatment at the Coimbatore Arya Vaidya Pharmacy.(News spread like she had a secret abortion there) Her treatment over there started on May 28th.

The news that Manju Warrier is coming back is being heard for a long time. But this news has been confirmed with her acting in the advertisement for Kalyan Jewelers. The cinema lovers are looking forward for Manju Warrier’s return into the field. The backstage news is that Manju will be the main character in the movies of the prominent directors in Malayalam. Manju Warrier, who left the field 14 years ago, is still one of the most loved actresses of Malayalam. We can all expect Manju Warrier to be seen under the arc lights sooner than we imagine, while the cameras crave to capture her once again


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