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Many Aspects of the Metal World

Updated on January 12, 2020
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I have been a writer for over 5+ years, I have had the love for writing from a young age. It's more than a hobby it's a passion for me.


Some Pin Points on Metal Music

Those die-hard fans of Metal music can connect with the rhythm and music on a different level than those who prefer not to listen to Metal music. Those different ways, help bring those fans out of depression, shed light on everyday problems or the beat and rhythm just help increase their mood and makes them feel better. Music in general, helps everyone in multiple ways, whether you can connect to a certain song because of the lyrics in the song, or it helped you make a tough decision with opening your mind and making you aware of the consequences and pros about the choices you have to make. Artists love to hear that their music has helped one or more of their fans with any type of situation they may have been going through or are currently going through. It also connects the artist and their fans in a better way, being able to hear stories about how their song helped someone when they needed someone to connect to has to be one of the biggest benefits of making music.


Metal Music

"Metal Music has been known to help with depression, anxiety, bullying and much more." "Metal Music in comparison is important as beauty and fashion to those who love it, they feel more connected to all of these on a personal level."

The Impact Metal Music Leaves on Fans

With all the hard work these artists put into each and every song, EP, and Album, it's mainly done for the love of their fans and supporters. Without them, these artist wouldn't be able to do what they love the most. Some other impacts these bands and artists in the Metal Music industry leave on their fans include, a better sense of understanding different types of music, having a wide range spectrum when it comes to music and preferences. These songs produced by these artist have backstories with how the song was written or how they brainstormed the songs. Many of those backstories also help connect with their fans in a more personal way, which in return, makes the artists and bands want to write more songs to connect with their fans, it makes them become more goal orientated and more driven to continue writing music and producing albums.


Personal Views on Metal Music

"Personally connecting with the artist makes the music more genuine and emotionally connected, for me I connect with Metal music on a personal level than any other music genres in the music industry."

"Metal music helps calm my brain down when I get overwhelmed with life and situations I'm currently going through, and they have personally helped me out of tough situations throughout my life."

How Fans Look When They Go To Concerts


Points Fans Have Stated About Metal Music

1. Metal Music is a calming way to escape the world when things arise and get complicated.

2. Connecting with the music is one of the biggest aspects of deciding what music fits your life best, for me personally it is Metal Music.

3. The lyrics and how they are expressed is the many key fans state is what helps them connect and get over situations in their lives.

A few fans have also collectively stated, they love and adore Metal Music because they can see how the music accentuates the artist and bands. Their music doesn't just effect their fans it also effects them as bands and artists. This music also helps the artists and bands express any types of feelings they're dealing with, or shed light on emotional differences, mental illnesses and bullying. Strong stand points that need to be brought to light and have pin pointed, instead of just being put in the grey area category or brushed under the rug.


The Effects of Metal Music with Multiple Generations

Many children have grown up listening to Metal Music because of either their parents, older siblings or other family members like that genre of music. Children can connect with Metal Music whether they can understand the lyrics or not, they still connect with the tone, tune, rhythm and sound of the songs. Many express their love for Metal Music by jamming out with their family, dancing around when the music comes on or singing along with the song. It gives your children the idea that it is okay to be different from everyone else, individuality. Being outside of that "Normality spectrum" that other parents and social media tend to try to get young kids to follow.

© 2020 Krista Gordon


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