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Marathon donkeys In Egypt

Updated on December 21, 2014

For the first time in Egypt Marathon donkeys held in Assiut province, one of the provinces of Upper Egypt.

Marathon was a happy event and draw a smile on their lips absent smile, the marathon held on December in Komboha.

Youth village had organized this marathon in all seriousness and professionalism like a marathon Arabian Horse, which involved the most important countries.

These young people tried to include the largest number of fans to attend the ceremony, which drew the attention of lots and lots of Egyptians and non-Egyptians, so they invited nearly 200 scenes, but everyone surprised in the presence of more than a thousand spectators.

Settings and Preparation

This group was organized by slogans and put it on the side of the road as an advertising campaigns for Sponsors, and they employ a youth from the village to act as a veterinarian but it's interesting that this young man was not a real doctor, it is just a normal person and he claimed, even portrayed to people that there is a veterinary supervision into not cheating and give the donkeys dope or something like that.

What made this marathon something interesting to be written about it in the pages of newspapers is filming all the settings and prepare for the Marathon.

These young people put the rules to enter the contestants for this marathon in terms of age and health status.

They also have identified the owners of the first prize for the third centers as well as the largest and the smallest rider and also the most beautiful ass.

And despite the fact that these awards were very simple but it was a great meaning for the winners.

This ceremony was witnessed much media attention has made this village intends to organize a marathon in next February.


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