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Marc Martel or Freddie Mercury? Simply an Amazing Voice

Updated on October 21, 2011

Marc Martel

If you haven't heard of Marc Martel, now is the time. A recent open audition sponsored by drummer,songwriter and singer Roger Taylor of Queen has sparked this mans true talent. Queen Extravaganza is a Queen tribute tour scheduled from coast to coast in 2012. But first, they need some talented artist.

Auditioners are to submit a video of a song by Queen. Marc has chosen 'Somebody To Love.' Auditions began September 19th and out of all the submissions, Marc Martel is the standout. Not only does Marc sound like Freddie Mercury, the late lead vocalist of Queen, but the resemblance is spot on. Winners will not only have the honor of representing the great Mr. Mercury but will be paid just like a true member for the three months they are on tour.

Public voting begins November 14th 2011 at 10am (PST) and closes November 30th 2011 at midnight (PST). I urge you to take a look at the competition. Not only are there truely talented people such as Marc, but quite a few 'less then.' to put it nicely.

A God Given Talent

If you can believe this, this young, 34 year old man, has never had a singing lesson. He is self-taught. He would try and imitate singers he admired when he was younger to the point of perfection. Obviously, this self teaching method has paid off! He also sounds incredibly like Jeff Buckley, John Ondrasik of Five for Fighting, George Michael, Keith Green, Jordan Knight, Tom Chaplin, and Aaron Neville. That is amazing.

The Christian Band: downhere

So I admit, I've become somewhat of an Marc Martel groupie since I first saw his audition on Facebook. I thought he was lip syncing to the song. I really thought that there was no way that someone could sing the great Freddie Mercury's songs so well. To my surprise, it is his true voice.

Marc Martel is a member of the Christian Band,downhere. Based out of Canada and grouped with his best friends, he has been the front man since 1999. downhere has been nominated and received numerous music awards. The band has recently relocated to Tennessee where he is a bit of a local celebrity. It is no wonder with over 4 million views on Youtube and an appearance on Ellen that Marc is a guaranteed super celeb in the making.


Nessun Dorma

If singing in a Christian band and trying to tour with the awesome Queen isn't enough, this mans voice knows no boundaries as he performs the opera song Nessun Dorma with such ease and grace.

It really will surprise no one when Marc is awarded the public voter winner of Queen Extravaganza. And it will not surprise anyone when this man becomes a huge star. He has a gift that needs to be shared with the World, one note at a time.

As Marc states on his Facebook page:

"There is always time for exploring new soundscapes and interesting arrangements…but the song has to connect with people or there's not much point to it. I'm really trying to stay in that magic equilibrium now as I write, the union of intriguing artistry combined with strong human connection."

Believe me sir, with your voice you will continue connecting with those near and far. For your voice is felt deep within us all, inspiring and lifting us to a whole new level of musical appreciation. 


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    • profile image

      Tom 6 years ago

      Marc is the living Freddie......this guy is wonderful and Queen should take a real close look at him.