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Marching Band: Sport

Updated on August 31, 2012

Marching band is something like no other. That sounds very cliche, but its true. How many other things in life require you to play an instrument, march around a football field, dress a form, watch a drum major, keep a good posture (with high toes of course), and breathe all at the same time?! My guess is zero. Marching band has gotten this bad reputation of being "nerdy", "dorky", and just "not cool." But most people do not know what it takes to participate in this such sport.

In the picture off to the right is my high school marching band. So from personal experience, I can attest to how AWESOME it truly is to be apart of something bigger than yourself. Most people believe that all we do is walk around on a field while playing our instruments. First of all, most people can't even play an instrument! So that's an accomplishment all on its own! But of course as I previously mentioned, there is much more that goes in to making a successful marching band.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a sport is an activity providing diversion, entertainment, or fun. Band is a mixture of these words and more! A marching band show is a story, or art that's created on a field. It takes creative, talented, and ambitious artists to make such a show comet to life for the audience. Of course just like everything else in life, there are "good" and "not so good" bands. That just depends on the motivation of the students on how amazing they want to be.

If football, baseball, and basketball are all sports, then shouldn't marching band considered one as well? They are team-oriented to work towards a common goal: winning (or being better than before). Either way, band works in the exact same fashion. It is a team of people competing to try and become better that the prior week's performance or to even become champions!

I am somebody who takes care of myself so that I stay in pretty good physical condition, but I can tell you from personal experience that marching band is something that takes a LOT out of you. It is exhausting. Imagine marching around for ten minutes while playing and taking irregular breaths. It doesn't sound like the easiest thing to do, huh? It's because it isn't. It takes a certain kind of person to devote so much of their life to practice such an art and strive for perfection. The people that you meet in marching bands will be the most hard-working people you ever meet. They have a work-ethic that surpasses any athlete that I have ever met. That truly is saying something. Next time you meet somebody that does marching band, reconsider your first thoughts about them. Remember that they put in anywhere from 20-40 hours a week perfecting their sport.

This is one of my favorite marching bands. They are in the top 5 of the best marching bands in the country. ENJOY!!


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    • Mama Kim 8 profile image

      Sasha Kim 

      6 years ago

      I was never IN marching band but I contributed by dressing up as the mascot when they did parades ^_^ very fun indeed and I made great friends. Great hub on the subject!

    • mbyL profile image

      Slaven Cvijetic 

      6 years ago from Switzerland, Zurich

      Cool hub ;) Shared it!

    • mrpip profile image


      6 years ago

      Growing up, we never had a marching band at my high school so I didn't know too much about it. My oldest son was in the marching band at his high school for 3 years and I couldn't believe what a great experience it was for him. He loved it, the marching band was respected just as much as the football team (that was a shocker to me), and he met and still has from those days some of his best friends, both male and female. I'd encourage anyone to get involved with their school's marching band after seeing the positive impact it had on my sons life. He, a trombone player, was even voted homecoming king over the top football players!!! Maybe that's a one-off at our local high school but marching band was great!!

      Great hub!! Voted up!!


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