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Marcus Coloma Shines as the New Nikolas Cassadine on General Hospital

Updated on March 1, 2020
Cheryl E Preston profile image

Cheryl has been writing breaking news, spoiler alerts and recaps for daytime drama for several years and is a soap fan for five decades.

The Cassadine prince has returned

General Hospital fans have been teased for three years regarding a possible return of Nicolas Cassadine. Spoiler alerts and rumors have consistently and on a continual basis declared that Laura's son was not dead. Psychic's told both Laura and Ava that Spencer's dad was alive and on Halloween, he proved them right. On Thursday's episode, a man with black hair was seen about to take a shower and he had a ring with the Cassadine crest. Later Sam was talking to her cellmate Cassandra Pierce who mentioned knowing multiple Cassadines. In a flashback, she was shown riding in a vehicle and a hand wearing the family ring was on her leg.

Meanwhile, a masked man bumped into Laura and followed Ava to her gallery. Ms. Jerome pulled a gun and asked the intruder to take off his mask and he obliged her. The face was not familiar to viewers but Ava shrieked "Nikolas" and the wait was over. This obviously was a well-guarded secret because spoiler alerts did not reveal that a new actor had been hired in place of Tyler Christopher. There is also the issue of fans being deceived for so long they may not have had as much anticipation this time around.

There were rumblings that Nick would return or the Chupacabra storyline and show up at the Nurses Balls in 2017 and 2018. There were rumors and spoilers that suggested the Cassadine Prince would show up during May Sweeps. He has now returned just in time or November Sweeps and will be a part of several front burner storylines.

Tyler Christopher fans are disappointed again

Tyler Christopher debuted on General Hospital as the Cassadine prince in 1996. The actor, as well as the character, became endeared to the viewers. Fans of the show especially enjoyed the dynamic between Nikolas and his son Spencer,(Nicolas Bechtel.) There have been rumors and rumblings for the past three years that Christopher would return to GH and each time fans were hopeful. This was especially true a few months back when it was reported that Christopher was no longer portraying Stefan Dimera on Days of Our Lives. Now viewers know this will not be.

All the best to Tyler Christopher in his future endeavors but it looks like Marcus Coumba is making the role his own. When he showed up at the Halloween gala in the black cape and mask, he simply reeked of Nikolas Cassadine. The way he moved, interacted with Laura and stalked Ava were in tune with the portrayal of Cassadine men in Port Charles. Should General Hospital decide to age Spencer an have a new young man in the role, then the two will take the characters into the future and the dynamic between Nikolas Bechtel and Tyler Christopher will be over.

Nicholas Betchel
Nicholas Betchel

Marcus Columba IS the Cassadine prince

Soap Dirt reveals that Marcus Colomba's heritage is German, Native American, Spanish and Italian which makes him perfect to portray Nikolas whose ethnicity is Greek. Coumba even has the same black hair and dark complexion as his predecessor. So far General Hospital fans seem to be adapting to the new Cassadine prince who has his hands full with drama since returning to Port Charles.. Liz will barely speak to her old friend because he sent her sister Hayden away. Spencer told his father that he hated him and refuses to reconcile and Laura and Lulu are just barely tolerating the returned prodigal. Ava is playing games with her new husband so there really is not one person truly in his corner, except possibly Brooklyn.

Some viewers believe that Nikolas and his blushing bride may eventually fall in love, but Brooklyn Quartermaine is acting like she’s ready to jump her old friend‘s bones if he so much as smiles at her. The prince dethroned Valentin and regained his inheritance, but it has cost him, everyone, he loves and gained him Ava as a wife. Spoilers don't say much about the handsome prince in the coming weeks but viewers are just glad to know he is back. Keep watching General Hospital weekday afternoons on ABC at 2;00 PM EST to find out if prince Nick is reconciled to his son and ends up in Ava's bed.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Cheryl E Preston


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