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Family doesn't Matter: When GOD wants to work no they do not

Updated on March 21, 2018


Marcus Johnson and step brother Julian Hurt were close. They laughed together and cried together. Being in a family of GODs they had no worries. When they both were young they witnessed an attack in their community and now he remembers it. Now at age 34, he sees a man with many others working in a temple. The temple he is in is owned by a GOD that is known for treating his workers like slaves. A GOD that Julian saw as a mentor. Marcus and Julian knew what was happening in there but Julian loved it. Marcus on the other hand hated it and he desired that the people be free just like he was. He just did not know where to start. So, he prayed to GOD and asked him how and GOD gave him specific instructions in doing so. Marcus may have been wealthy and not hurting for anything but he lacked three things before doing what GOD wanted him to do. Those three things were Love, Compassion, and Faith.


The people in the Temple already looked up to Marcus and he was arrogant with it. He knew it. The women loved him. He had the muscles, charm and the perfect image. Despite how the women flocked to him, the temple leader hated him and he hated the leader. Sadly, the leader was mentoring his step brother Julian to take over after he passes and Julian did. Julian began to hate Marcus but he tried to hide it but Marcus knew it. Marcus asked GOD what was the problem and why his brother hated him and God said, “It is because he has not seen love”. Immediately, Marcus started to think how he can make things better and started to show love on his end. He stopped being so arrogant. He started talking to the people. Playing with the kids and more. They loved him and he showed them love back. Despite him showing them love back he still had a problem with his own brother. His brother did not like him because he was popular and he was not. His love did not seem to be working on him but Marcus continued showing him love.


With Love came compassion. Marcus was more understanding when he had a heart to heart with one of the women in the temple. The woman told him who he really was. Marcus was not only the sibling of the owner but the deliverer of the people. That woman reminded him of it. He was reluctant to receive it at first but saw it after doing some research about himself. He developed a passion for the people but he still wondered why his brother hated him while he still showed him love. The woman had no clue what he was thinking but she knew it. Out of no place the woman said “I KNOW HE IS YOUR BROTHER. I ALSO KNOW WHY HE HATES YOU”. Marcus was eager to know what she meant and she said “YOUR BROTHER HATES YOU BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU CARRY FOR US ALL IN HERE. That is when things became clearer to Marcus. His brother had taken over. Like his mentor, he was the one holding the people back from being free. His brother did not have the compassion with the people that he did.


Marcus begin to see things differently around the temple. He begins to see the mistreatment and he reacted to it. The way he reacted was not what Julian liked and neither did he. Marcus actions made him run away from them all. He ran to a foreign place where no one knew who he was. One day he was attending an event and heard an old man telling the people a speech. The speech the old man had given was very inspiring to Marcus but it was not enough to make him turn back. Marcus stayed put and got to know other people. He met a beautiful woman that remembers who he is and tells others in the town. The town rejects him but the Old Man does not. He befriends Marcus and shares with him wisdom that transforms Marcus. Marcus begins to look at his life in the eyes of GOD. The town accepts him and the girl that helped them reject him does to. They even get married. She encourages him to have faith and he does. Despite being in love with the perfect woman he still talks to a perfect GOD. GOD changes his image totally before leading him back to save the people from the temple and she goes along with him.


Before he leaves abruptly he consults the real master which is GOD. God does not tell him anything different than what he already did before he ran away. Marcus just goes back and applies it. Like GOD told him, Julian doesn’t want to comply. Julian even turns his slaves against him. Despite all Marcus is enduring, he still loves Julian. Julian gives much to not lose. He even increases security but Marcus still pursues to rescue the people from oppression and leads them to freedom while Julian chases after him. The Love, Compassion and Faith he gained overtime took charge. Julian saw it at work and started to chase after him as Marcus went away with his people. Marcus knew Julian was coming but he did not run but those very same people did doubt him and his GOD but he wanted them to have faith and they did. He convinced them to have faith. Julian witnesses many signs from GOD but he still is being stubborn. Not trying to let the slaves be free. Marcus even talks to his brother and gives him a chance to do what is right. He reminds him of his past which slightly disables Marcus beliefs but Marcus refuses to go back. Eventually, he has no choice. Marcus takes the people but it does not end there. He led them to a mass of water and he wondered how he will get across. Then suddenly, a great storm came but the people were not harmed. The storm divided the waters and a dry path was created for the people. As they ran through to get to the other side that brother and his henchmen came after them but as soon as the last of the people got across storm seized and the waters crashed down on them.

Do you believe it was the staff that divided the waters or a storm?

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© 2018 Ryan Jarvis Cornelius


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