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Marian Rivera And Her TV Show Roles (Part I)

Updated on July 17, 2013

Here Are The Roles Of Ms. Marian Rivera In The Philippine Television (1-5)

Marian Rivera is a Filipina actress and a commercial model. She was FHM's Sexiest Woman in 2009 and for the second time this year 2013.

1. Kung Mamahalin Mo Lang Ako translated as "If You Would Just Love Me"

Thi was an afternoon soap opera in the Philippine television and said to be the first showbiz work of Marian Rivera aired on GMA Network. This was also the first work together with Ehra Madrigal that was produced by TAPE Inc..The story shows the interesting of life, friendship, fate and the love of three women:

  • Camille Prats as Joyce
  • Ehra Madrigal as Vanessa
  • Marian Rivera as Clarisse

2. Agawin Mo Man Ang Lahat translated as "Even If You Take Away Everything"

This was a daytime drama series aired on GMA Network and was produced by TAPE Inc.

Marian played the roles of Almira/Isadora/Alegra.

3. Pinakamamahal translated as "The Most Beloved"

This was a daytime drama series watched after Daisy Siete on GMA Network last November 3, 2006. Marian played the role of Carissa Crismundo

The story begins with the six orphans Amy, Jeremy, Lito, Martin, Carisa, and Nanette, who live together in San Juan Sa Krus orphanage. They accept that they have no parents unlike most other kids and they are not relatd to each other. One by one, the children are adopted by different families except for Lito, who is left behind so he felt unwanted and abandoned. As they grow older, they are trying to overcome the distance to reconnect themselves together and solve the mystery that could change their lives forever.

Marian as Ester Paredes
Marian as Ester Paredes

4. Super Twins

This was a Filipino telefantasya aired at GMA Network and was First Quarter Explosion on February 12, 2007. The story was all about the twin girls named Sha-sha and Tin-Tin who became teenage superheroines Super S and Super T, respectively, and transform themselves by kissing their special rings. The twins are the daughters of Manuel Paredes and Ester Paredes. They commit themselves into saving people's lives using their powers.

Marian played the role of a mother named Ester Paredes.

5. Muli or In Love Again

This was an afternoon soap opera aired on GMA Network and was part of the Dramarama sa Hapon program of the said network. The show was also aired in Malaysia and dubbed in Bahasa. This was about an overseas Filipino worker in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, named Lukas who left his pregnant wife Racquel in order to provide them a decent life. Marian played the role of Racquel Estadilla.


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    • bujoy83 profile image

      Robelyn Yambao 4 years ago from Philippines

      Thanks for reading :)

    • bujoy83 profile image

      Robelyn Yambao 4 years ago from Philippines

      Yes that's true..Thanks for dropping by :) cheers!

    • Maria Cecilia profile image

      Maria Cecilia 4 years ago from Philippines

      This reminded me so much when she was not yet a big star... I really found her very pretty and just so glad she made it after Marimar...