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Marilyn Monroe Lives On In The Roosevelt Hotel

Updated on December 24, 2016

Marilyn Monroe was the most talked about and most sought after female model and actress of the 1950's. She was known for playing the role of a ditsy blonde, however, her sex symbol status carried her throughout her high profile career. Although Marilyn had everything anyone would ever want or need, the actress battled with drugs and alcohol for many years. The substance abuse began to effect her work as well as her personal life. Before her untimely death at the age of 36, on August 5, 1962, Ms. Monroe had been married and divorced twice. It has been stated that her death was due to a drug overdose in her home , located at 12305 Fifth Helena Drive, Brentwood, California.

The Roosevelt Hotel

This 300 room hotel was built with the rich and famous in mind. The hotel offers a ballroom, conference room, roof-top terrace, spa, fitness center and much, much more. Marilyn Monroe was a frequent visitor of the Roosevelt hotel and some say that even though she passed away several years ago, her soul is still very much present throughout the 12-story building. Each time Marilyn would visit the hotel to try to get some peace and relaxation, she would always book suite 1200. Housekeepers of this room have reported, while cleaning the mirror housed in this particular suite, the image of Marilyn would appear. The image of Marilyn was that of a sad one. The housekeepers have stated when they would turn away and then look back, Marilyn was still there, with blonde, beautiful hair and the same sad expression on her face.

Although there have been reports of a few other aberrations roaming through this star studded hotel, Marilyn Monroe is the one who catches the most attention. Ms. Monroe really enjoyed sipping a good Champaign, she loved the smooth, bubbly drink and often had a glass to relax and wind down. It has been reported that if guests visit the hotel bar and order a glass of bubbly, Marilyn Monroe's soul would show up and join you for a drink.

As stated earlier, many thought Ms. Monroe was, "Dumb," this coming from the persona she portrayed on screen. However, she was indeed a very strong willed and smart woman. Marilyn Monroe is an American and French icon and her life lives on through her fans and Hollywood with archived photos and videos of her modeling and acting career. She was the biggest household name throughout the 50's and 60's, mostly to men, of course, due to her flirty nature, sexy wardrobe and sultry voice.

Trivia & Facts

  • Marilyn Monroe spent her childhood years in an orphanage.
  • Her real mane is Norma Jeane Baker.
  • She had an IQ of 168.
  • She wanted children, but sadly she suffered a miscarriage.
  • She was an amazing cook.
  • She was never nominated for an Academy Award.
  • She wrote an autobiography, however, it was published until a decade after her passing.
  • She had a difficult time remembering her lines in movies.
  • "Monroe" was her mother's maiden name.
  • She was, at times, referred to in the Third Person.

Although Marilyn Monroe was a talented, hard working actress, it has been said that the big wigs of Hollywood would dictate her every move. There where high profile doctors who would control every aspect of her life, even to the point of making her loose weight. To outsiders, her life seemed glamorous and carefree, However, that was not the case. Her inside world in Hollywood was very dark, controlled and scrutinized.


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