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Marilyn Monroe Secret Diary Entries Unearthed

Updated on February 13, 2015

Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn's Secret Diary

Marilyn Monroe used to keep a diary where she recorded her most inner thoughts and feelings.

However after her death, the diary was left to her acting teacher, Lee Strasberg, along with her poems and letters. Nearly half a century after her death, they are being published in a tome called 'Framgents'.

The star who sadly died in suspicious circumstances in 1962, wrote about the painful three days she spent in a padded cell back in 1961, while she was in a psychiatric ward. She also wrote about the betrayal of her playwright Husband Arthur Miller, after reading in his diary that he was embarrassed by her in public, and found her disappointing.

This revelation devastated Marilyn, and she wrote a poem called 'ah peace I need you-even a peaceful monster.' There marriage began to deteriorate after this revelation, with Marilyn writing in one entry

"Starting tomorrow I will take care of myself for that’s all I really have and as I see it now have ever had ... When one wants to stay alone as my love (Arthur) indicates the other must stay apart”

Marilyn and Arthur Divorced in 1961.

The star also talked about Rat Pack Actor Peter Lawford (John.F.Kennedy's Brother in Law), where she wrote, how she felt uneasy around him and thought perhaps he was Gay.

She went on to write that Peter wanted to be a woman, saying "He wants to be me, I think." Marilyn wrote that she actually feared Peter Lawford, who was the last person to speak to her on the phone before she died.

The notes from her Diary were published in Vanity Fair, and were said to date back from 1955. They revealed that Marilyn felt inadequate, insecure and suicidal.

All throughout her diary she wrote about how she just wanted to die, and in one clipping about her attempted overdose after her stint in a psychiatric ward, she wrote, "I swallowed the pills with relief" Other entries included "I am searching for a new way to play this role," My whole life has always depressed me."

"How can I play such a gay girl, young and full of hope?" Marilyn wrote how heart wrenching it was to play happy characters, when she was dying inside, "How I would like to be dead, absolutely, non existent" she wrote.

Marilyn Monroe's diaries and poems, showed she had a real flair for writing, something that was never known about the actress until now. The Diary entries, along with poems, a few of Marilyn's recipes, and some photographs have been put together in order.

The book Fragments is available to buy in stores now.

The UFO Conspiracy Theory

The theory is that the day before Marilyn's death, she had threatened to hold a press conference and reveal something that would shock America. Many people believed she would reveal her affair with the Kennedy brothers, or perhaps her knowledge of the governments connection with the maffia.

However some believed, there was something more shocking..........they believed that Marilyn was about to reveal, that she knew the government recovered the wreckage of a crashed UFO and it's crew.

And even more shocking was that she knew JFK had gone to see this wreckage, at a top secret air force base. One person who firmly believed the UFO conspiracy theory was Robert Slatzer,

Robert claimed he was once married to Marilyn Monroe, and said she told him that Robert Kennedy had told her, a UFO had crashed and the wreckage and bodies of spacemen had been recovered. Although critics believe that Robert Slatzer was never married to Marilyn, they cant prove it one way or the other.

There are intimate photo's of the two together that have since surfaced.

In 1994 a CIA document surfaced, it was a wiretap transcript dated 3rd August 1962, the transcript subject was none other than Marilyn Monroe.

The document contained information on Marilyn's threat to expose all in a press conference, about the UFO wreckage, and how JFK went to visit the wreckage.

More bizarrely at the bottom of the document, you can clearly see 'MJ12' which is the group reportedly responsible for the cover-ipof UFO'S.

In the top right hand cover of the document, was the word 'MoonDust' which was a top secret programme to recover crashed foreign technology.

Experts have inspected this document, and have said there is a high possibility that this document is authentic. Although they cant be 100 percent on that.

We will never know the truth as in so many cases such as this one, they are so easily covered up, but many believe this conspiracy theory could be the same reason that JFK was assassinated.

To see the Marilyn Monroe UFO document click here

Do you believe the UFO conspiracy theory?

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Marilyn Sings Happy Birthday To The President (@missmalevolent)


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    • zoey24 profile image

      zoey24 5 years ago from South England

      @amscia. Thank you for stopping by, you obviously know a lot about Marilyn and i found what you wrote to be very interesting. Thank you for sharing it with us :)

    • profile image

      amscia 5 years ago

      Was 3rd August document fabricated to induce RFK to visit Marilyn's residence is a mute point. Just week prior to her death Marilyn had to rub shoulders with mafias at Cal Nova. Mafias wanted her to expose her so called affairs with the Kennedys. However Marilyn stood firm and refused to expose Kennedys. The mafias threatened Marilyn on this. This is the reason why immediately after her return from Cal Nova Marilyn told Paula Strasburg that she was afraid of her life and that mafias may kill her. In my opinion Marilyn was not aware that it was CIA who was behind the scene and mafias were just acting on their behalf. Since Marilyn did not agree to expose the Kennedys as desired by CIA/mafias the alternative plan of killing Marilyn immediately after RFK visit was implemented. For this purpose memo dated 3/8/62 was put on CiA records to induce RfK to visit Marilyn's house. The reason for killing Marilyn was she came to know the details of the bizzare JfK murder plot and not UFO matter. In fact it was only extra territorial security and no internal or national security was involved in the UFO matter

    • zoey24 profile image

      zoey24 6 years ago from South England


      Read my hub 'The death of Marilyn Monroe'

      You can also read a book recommended to me, which is Marilyn Monroe: The Biography by Donald Spoto :)

    • profile image

      marilyn's voice 6 years ago

      i want to look in to marilyns death more closely and any help any of you can give would be great

    • profile image

      Marilyn Monroe Fan 6 years ago

      Marilyn Monroe was a super smart woman. She learned to acquire skills so quickly, and this mostly because of her persistence. Her drive to be great separated her from most people.