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Marina and The Diamonds E.V.O.L: a Review

Updated on June 19, 2013

With her most recent album Electra Heart, Marina has become popular outside her group of earlier fans who have been listening to her since, or even before the premier of her first album The Family Jewels. Electra Heart has produced many hit singles such as Primadonna and How to Be a Heartbreaker that have a 50s and 60s inspiration to the music, as well as in the wardrobe of the music videos. E.V.O.L however has been released separately from Electra Heart, though it does have some resemblance to the tracks on the album and if I didn't know it wasn't a part of this album I would probably place it on the track list.

E.V.O.L is love backwards and is supposed to be pronounced as Evil, some rather clever word play once again from Marina. The song explains how love can go wrong and be destroyed by people in a relationship while love destroys them at the same time. Like many of Marina's other songs E.V.O.L is catchy, having only listened to it all the way through twice I can say it takes very little time to have lines from the song repeating themselves in your mind. For fans of Marina I would say this song is a must have and for others I would say give it a go. Especially since Marina has a link on her song preview video at which you can currently download E.V.O.L for free. I would advise that this track contains some explicit language (1 swear repeated within the track).

Direct Link to the Video

Here is the Direct link to the preview video:

The link for the song download is in the video's description. Enjoy!

Marina's Official Preview of E.V.O.L


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