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Marley Shelton love

Updated on April 4, 2014

Marley Shelton

Have you ever heard of this actress? Yes? No? Maybe? Well if you have or you haven’t then can I just say that she is one of my favorite actresses. No she doesn’t have an Academy Award but she is well known for working with them like Jake Gyllenhaal and Quentin Tarantino. The first movie I ever watched with her was ‘When Friendship Kills’. It was made for television and it was on the Lifetime channel. She wasn’t a main character but I remember her being in the movie.

Ever since then, I have seen her in plenty of Hollywood movies like ‘Pleasantville’, she played a girl next door type that liked Tobey Macguire’s character.‘Never Been Kissed’, she was a mean girl. ‘Valentine’, she was a mean girl reformed that a killer is after her and her friends. ‘Sugar and Spice’, she was a pregnant cheerleader who robs a bank with her team for her babies. ‘Bubble Boy’, she was a next door neighbor and love of Jake Gyllenhaal’s character. ‘Uptown Girls’, she was a best friend with Brittany Murphy’s character. ‘Sin City’ she was a hooker. And also ‘Grindhouse’, she played a doctor who is abused by her husband and was seeing Fergie’s character. She’s actually a good actress, minor or major she can play a character.


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