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Married At First Sight Season 3 Episode 7 Recap and Review

Updated on January 19, 2016

Dinner and Trouble With The Couples

Tres and Vanessa are having issues with his work schedule. He works a lot and he is a car salesman. That means he doesn’t make money unless he sells cars so he picks up his phone during lunch. It is understandable but it can still hurt a person even if they understand.

Neil makes a nice dinner for Sam. They are getting along better and hopefully things continue like that this episode.

David cooks Ashley dinner because she has a final that day. He is going to surprise her and trying to get over the fight they had the night before. Dr. Pepper says Ashley needs to work on communicating in a kind and honest way. David is a terrible cook. He doesn’t know how to cook and is trying to measure with a plain cup.

Ashley is running late to dinner and David starts to stress about it. He calls and leaves a message because she doesn’t pick up. Ashley also neglects to tell David that she would be late to dinner. I personally think she should have at least told him she would be late, or what time she left her exam.

David at least understood that Ashley did have a timed test. He seems to be reigning in his emotions somewhat. Ashley is trying in her own way even though she doesn’t feel a connection.

Dr. Logan Visits Tres and Vanessa

Dr. Logan visits Vanessa at her home. Vanessa talks about how they don’t share a bathroom and thinks they should. Vanessa expresses her fears about Tres leaving after she becomes vulnerable.

Tres explains how it’s hard for him to read her in the bedroom. Communication is the buzz word, naturally. The docyor makes them talk to each other about their needs. Tres expresses that they need communication and Vanessa says that they need trust.

Dr. Logan presents the couple with the fish bowl. This has happened before on the show and I personally love this. It asks those intrusive questions that bring people closer.

Dr. Logan Visits David and Ashley

David expresses in his visit that he has been frustrated. Ashley says she still doesn’t feel a romantic connection and she is stuck. Dr. Logan says it is problematic that Ashley is not even willing to try physical intimacy. Simple things like holding hands.

The two of them have trouble talking about sore subjects because they are afraid of hurting each others feelings. Ashley expresses that she would want to have fun. However, she doesn’t seem very fun to me. She just puts off that straight laced vibe.

Dr. Logan Visits Neil and Sam

Neil expresses the differences him and Sam clearly have to Dr. Logan. I think they can truly work this out but it depends strongly on them opening up emotionally.

Dr. Logan asks pressing questions and Neil realizes that Sam doesn’t really understand his needs. Neil is overly concerned with being kind but he needs to take the lead more often. Sam thinks that being silent and strong is great. She doesn’t see that as being dominant.

Dr. Logan wants Sam to not push her stereotypes on their marriage too much. Neil expresses to Sam about the best friend goals he wants in their marriage. Sam is happy to hear this and takes this well.

Only One Couple Accepts the Fish Bowl

Tres and Vanessa do the fish bowl questions. It is all goofy and cute with these two. I really like these two as a couple.

David and Ashley start in on their questions while eating dinner. Ashley closes the questions as she opens them. She does not want to answer these questions on national television. Ashley is obviously a buzzkill while David tries to lighten the mood.

Sam is willing to answer questions at least even though she makes it evident that she doesn’t want to answer the questions. Sam answers some of the questions but is also like Ashley and refusing to answer certain questions. I don’t know if they realize that they won’t show all of their answers on live television. We aren’t going to hear all the weird things they love to do; the editors give them privacy in that area.

It’s almost like Ashley has never watched the show at all. This is not the first time this fish bowl challenge has come up. There have been two seasons of this show already. Neil and Tres are very happy with the results of the questions. David is upset of course.

A Rejection From Ashley (Expected By Everyone But David)

Sam makes more of an effort and you can see her and Neil growing closer. They bonding more and you can see it in how they are interacting and sitting closer. Sam is way more positive. She jokes about holding hands with Neil soon.

Neil and Sam do not like their house. They decide to look for a new place and stay at Sam’s place while they look. The two have a nice vibe around them now.

Ashley and David get a fish because of the fish bowl they got, even though they didn’t answer any of the questions. I would have called the experts that night if I were David. I would have complained all night about my partner not answering questions.

David is complicated. I think that he doesn’t realize exactly how distant she is to him. He might be falling in love with her but I can’t see how. I really can’t see how when she doesn’t give him anything to even look forward to. Not even in an emotional way do I feel Ashley is there for him.

Tres and Vanessa each invite a friend over. Their friends get along with each other. I love that they both have good friends. I actually like their positive attitude in their relationship. They have a mock interview with the two of them. It is super cute and fun, they have pretend microphones and joke around.

David and Ashley go on a little date to a ferris wheel. The Scene is coming up soon and I can smell the rejection he is about to get from the kiss. They do seem to be having fun on the ferris wheel but I think the kiss is pushing it.

He ends up kissing her cheek after having such a great time. He is upset, yet again. But he is also pushing the boundaries a lot. You can tell in Ashley’s body language she is nowhere near ready to kiss yet.

Next Episode

My prediction based on the previews:

Sam and Neil are going to fight again. Ashley and David literally sit the same way in bed and probably won’t get any closer. Tres and Vanessa will have a disagreement but bounce back by the end of the episode.

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