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Married At First Sight Season 3 Episode 8

Updated on January 19, 2016

Moving, Frustrations, and Communication

Vanessa is closed of from Tres even though there is something that is clearly bothering her. She is one of those types of people that deal with certain things by themselves before telling others.

David catches up with his friends. David shares his hopes for his marriage where they are concerned for him. David is still convinced it will work. Unless Ashley changes completely. His friends support his decision and are hopeful for him.

Neil and Sam are getting closer each episode it seems. They are moving into Sam’s house while they look for a new place that they like. They didn’t like it. Sam is happy about this since it makes her more comfortable.

Dr. Cilona visits Vanessa and Tres.

He expresses how she doesn’t open up about little things. He really wants to connect with her but she is closing up. Vanessa says it’s because of past experiences rather then Tres. She promises to work on this and open up. Vanessa’s dad left when she was a teenager and she was very hurt by it. Dr. Cilona advises them to open up about the past and share their emotions. The experts matched them because of their pasts and wants them to use it to connect.

Home Sweet Home

Neil and Sam are at Sam’s place. Neil is not very happy because it feels like he is a guest. He doesn’t have a key, there’s no room for Neil to put his clothes. It doesn’t seem like Sam realizes this. Neil realizes that Sam is comfortable but Neil is clearly not.

David is out of town for work and Ashley checks in with him during this trip. It’s very sweet of her to show this effort. David is going to the bar for happy hour with his coworkers.

Neil speaks to Sam about moving into a new place. He does not feel like living with a roommate will be good for the marriage. He explains all this calmly. He had agreed at first but realized that he doesn’t like it. Sam gets angry but I would be happier that Neil is speaking up.

Sam makes a joke about Neil being fake. Neil jokes back that he “learned from the best.” This is in reference to their honeymoon where Sam got upset about Neil calling her fake. They have since moved past that and Neil felt comfortable joking about it. Sam blows up and leaves a confused Neil behind in the living room.

Sam was wrong and she kicked Neil out of her house because she wants to be in control. Neil is literally outside. I think Sam gets angry and reacts so badly it’s not good for Neil. Sam agrees to finding a new place. They agree to live separately until they find a new place.

Favorite Wife

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Family and Friend Visits

David is being very pushy. He basically grabs Ashley and pushes her on to the bed playfully. But you can tell she wasn’t really feeling playful.

Tres and Vanessa head to her home to visit family. They learn a little more about each others past relationships. Her mom pulls out the child photos. Tres asks Vanessa’s mom about how she shuts down. Her mom knows that she shouldn’t do that in the marriage. Vanessa even shuts down at home with her family. Her mom wants this to last and has faith in them.

David has friends coming over for a barbecue that afternoon. His friends are really nice and accepting of Ashley. I feel like she should have invited at least one friend over too.

Dr. Cilona Visits Sam and Neil

Dr. C visits Sam and Neil about their living arrangements. Neil is a processing person; he is not a reactionary person. Dr. C explains that he is good at expressing his feelings and that Sam needs to communicate better. He suggests that Sam take time to think when she is getting angry to think. This way they can communicate better. Neil continues to look into finding a new place to live.

Dr. Cilona Visits Ashley and David

Dr. C visits Ashley and David. Ashley is still not feeling any chemistry. I believe she is not they right type of personality for this show. She is very slow to warm up unless they are her type of guy. Ashley expresses to Dr. C that she cannot move forward emotionally. She explains that it takes a couple months to get emotionally connected to another person. Ashley is getting frustrated because physical attraction is not growing. Ashley makes big decisions based on physical attraction and she is not feeling any attraction to David at all. Ashley is scared of hurting David’s feelings.

David points out constantly how Ashley is not affectionate. He makes her feel bad about it and I think that is a red flag. He should not be pressuring her. However, Ashley should not have signed up for something where you have to develop a connection quickly. I just don’t think her personality suits the show.

Dr. C makes Ashley admit these feelings to David. David understands crystal clear that Ashley is not attracted to him. They have a lot of personality traits and values in common but Ashley is focusing too much on physical attraction. David feels hurt by this. Dr. C suggests that they forget about having sexual intimacy for now. David says he agrees but he is not happy about it. However, it seems like he is going to be respectful.

Next Week: Tears Are in the Forecast

At the end of the episode Neil plans a surprise for Sam’s birthday. They go to a murder mystery dinner that Sam has never been to. I think this is really sweet. She gets a part in the play because of her birthday.

Tres and Vannessa open up about their pasts and what they want because of their past.

Next Week:

  • Sam is crying to Neil about something that she is probably blaming him on. Seems like the pattern so far.
  • David is finally letting Ashley have it for not trying.

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