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Married At First Sight Season 3 Episode 9

Updated on January 26, 2016

Separated Still

Neil talks to his neighbor about what went down last episode. He definitely wants a place of their own. Samantha talks with her mom about their relationship. Her mom advises her to accept his flaws and not try to expect him to change.

They both acknowledge that communication is an issue. Neil says he hasn’t become more attracted her because they have not bonded.

Dog Training and Family

Tres and Vanessa go get Vanessa’s dog trained. Nola (not sure if I spelled that right) has not been trained before. This leads into a discussion of parenting. They are both invested in having a good family because they were both abandoned by a parent themselves.

Ashley and David Fight

David expresses his hurt at Ashley didn’t tell him sooner that she wasn’t attracted to him. Honestly it was obvious that she wasn’t attracted to him. They would have kissed by know because it’s obvious David is already attracted to Ashley. I am just confused as to why David couldn’t tell that Ashley didn’t find him attractive.

They basically repeat what they have said after all their other arguments, glad we had this talk, Ashley says she is gonna try. David expresses how he wants to be married not have a friend, but a wife.

Homework Assignment

Sam and Neil do Dr. Joseph’s homework assignment. They sit facing each other with knees touching. They set a timer for one minute and they hold hands while looking into each others eyes. Neil wanted to be serious while Sam was making faces.

David and Ashley attempt the homework next. They are supposed to say three things they like about each other. David is very heartfelt and Ashley doesn’t crack a smile it seems. When it is Ashley’s turn she has a hard time coming up with three things. She doesn’t even come up with simple things like ‘You’re a gentleman, you are very kind, and I like the relationship you have for your mom.’ Those are three things I would say and I’m not even his wife.

Tres and Vanessa do the exercise next. They list things they appreciate about each other. Which leads to intimacy.

Spiritual Adviser

Greg Epstein visits Sam and Neil at home. He talks about how they both can be selfish. He is a spiritual advisor so he talks to Sam and Neil about Neil getting to know about her culture. She considers herself Jewish I think? Neil heads home because, surprise surprise, they are still living separately.

Mr. Epstein visits Tres and Vanessa next. He asks them about things they have learned. They talk about not making assumptions and to communicate better. He asks what a spiritual connection is for them. Tres admits to praying daily and that he has prayed for his marriage. I thought that was so sweet, I honestly didn’t expect daily prayer from him. They decide that they should experience something together. He asks them to create something together and leave room for something spontaneous.

He also gives them their wedding album.

Ashley and David decide to write how they would fix their marriage. They are going to read what they wrote out loud. I think this would be better for Ashley because she takes time to process anyway. Ashley shares she is exhausted and she wants to keep trying but she is frustrated. David tells her he doesn’t know if they can build a connection because he found out she views him as unattractive.

They get into a true argument with David accusing her of not trying. Ashley starts to cry while explaining why she couldn’t talk to him about being physically attractive. David asks her if she is waiting for the clock to wind out. Ashley gives a weird answer. Which sounds to me like a yes.

David admits in a video diary later that he still has a hope for the marriage.

Greg explains that they should be patient with the physical part of their marriage. They are still upset over their argument. They even get a little snippy at the beginning of their home visit. They are clearly not connected right now. Greg gives them their wedding album.

Bonding Activities

Tres and Vanessa go to a place that lets you paint and drink wine at the same time. I have heard of these and it’s very popular with couples. They are making one painting together. Tres is joking and having fun with Vanessa. Tres makes taco salad for Vanessa. It’s funny because he loves the meal and she likes it but she can’t believe he actually made that. They are very cute. Tres and Vanessa look at their wedding album and it looks great. Vanessa is very excited and feels like they are a married couple.

Sam and Neil decide to cook together. They make two Jewish dishes. They seem to be getting along greatly right now and I hope it lasts. Neil enjoys the meal that they made and starts to open up. He talks about his divorce and explains his past. Sam opens up about her grandmother passing away. It is the first time she has opened up about the closeness with her grandmother. It really brought them more together.

Ashley and David look at their wedding album and they bond over how awkward they look in the photos. They are laughing and joking over the album. Ashley and David play kickball together. They are playing as part of a team, they have t-shirts and everything. Ashley is having fun doing something he likes. That combined with them enjoying looking at their wedding album gave me a little hope for them until I saw the preview for next week.

Next Week Predictions and Preview

Ashley and David –possible (definite) cheating might have happened.

Tres and Vanessa – Tres does something that upsets Vanessa and she questions his role as a husband. I think they will make up by the end.

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