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Married at First Sight Season 3 Episode 6 Recap and Review

Updated on January 8, 2016

One Marriage Has Been Consummated

One couple has consummated their marriage so far. Vanessa and Tres are the closest couple at this point.

Sam is accusing Neil of being two different people. She is calling him peacey? I have no idea what that means. I suppose he doesn’t want to act a fool in front the camera. I personally don’t see this couple lasting but who knows. Neil explains it as him not putting his walls down because of the cameras.

Ashley does not have a relationship with her biological father but her step-father, Mark, stepped in. She does not know how to act around him when he is expressing his emotions about his dad.


Dr. Pepper Visits Sam and Neil

Sam meets with Dr. Pepper about how Neil is not opening up in front of the camera. She explains that the camera is probably making it harder to open up. I think Neil is shutting down because of the negative honeymoon that he had. Dr. Pepper explains that since it was unpleasant then he is having trouble opening up.

Dr. Pepper is still rooting for them and wants them to communicate more. They aren’t explaining themselves correctly. Sam explains that she wants to be less dominant figure. She wants to be put in her place. Neil explains that the husband is 50/50 that they both clean, work, and help out. Sam doesn’t think he takes over enough.

I am confused because I would never want my husband to put me in my place. What partner does that? They aren’t your parent. They are the person you are choosing to be your equal and no one should be ‘putting you in your place’.

Dr. Pepper encourages them to keep trying. She also confirms Sam’s commitment to the marriage after Sam said she was indifferent towards the marriage.

Father's Day Celebration

Ashley can’t figure out why he’s grumpy right away. They talk and seem to bond because of this better. Ashley did comfort him to the best of her ability and their day continues with them meeting up with his mom.

Tres and Vanessa celebrate father’s day with his father and uncle. It’s a big happy celebration for that family. They are very cute and they are honestly my favorite couple.

Ashley and her mother-in-law are getting along great. Hopefully this helps them grow closer because he is especially close with his mom.

Sam’s father, Bob, takes Neil out to shoot guns. Neil is not too thrilled about this. It is his first time shooting a gun at all. It’s great that Neil and Bob get along. He gives Neil some advice. He says to open up and man up.

Bob explains to his daughter that she needs to approach her husband in a way that is comfortable with him so that he does open up. I’m glad I saw his personality because he has some great advice.

Ashley and David watch his old home videos. Even his mom notices that they are both still guarded.

Dr. Pepper Visits Ashley and David

Dr. Pepper visits them and explains that Ashley needs to start calling David her husband. Trouble arises when David wants to throw a party while Ashley is hesitant. She is introvert and he is an extrovert. So she would feel overwhelmed if they had a big party while he would have the time of his life.

Favorite Couple

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Trouble for Tres and Vanessa

Vanessa admits she has trust issues with Tres because of her dad. They get into an argument about his behavior with his family and friends. He came home and was passed out drunk. She does not approve of that. She has a very negative aspect of him partying and with his drinking.

Tres and Vanessa have their trust issues but they also makeup quicker and still have chemistry after their visit with Dr. Pepper. I think they are going to last.

Is There A Future for Sam and Neil? Plus Next Weeks Preview!

Sam has some realizations that she needs to give Neil a chance and they bond sort of. I still feel like she is going to be a little too much and bitchy towards him but only time will tell.

Next weeks preview shows David trying to kiss Ashley. Let's just be honest, she won't let that happen. She isn't even comfortable holding his hand yet. In the preview you can also see that she turns her head away from him. He is about to get a bitter taste of rejection.

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