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Marshall MG30FX Guitar Amp Review: Awesome Classic Tone, Low Price, Great Deal. Best Value for the Money!

Updated on September 18, 2012

Marshall MG30FX: Great Guitar Tone on a Budget

The Marshall MG30FX is by far my favorite guitar amplifier. I've recommended it to many of my friends, because it's the best guitar amp for a beginner.

Like most amateur guitarists, I love that larger-than-life-rock-god sound that only Marshall amps can deliver. But unfortunately, a 100 watt Marshall amp stack like the one used by my favorite rock stars is just a little bit out of my desired price range.

Luckily, Marshall produces a great amp for under $200. The MG30FX has the same powerful tone and drive of the famous Marshall stacks, but is far more affordable for a garage guitarist. You get some serious decibels for your buck, too -- the MG30FX is more than loud enough to generate noise complaints from your neighbors, if you're so inclined. The included delay, reverb, and EQ controls are stellar and will help you achieve the exact tone combo you're looking for.

The MG30FX has 5-star reviews on Amazon for a reason. As reviewer Frank Coury writes,

I was more then happy with the performance of this amp. It went beyond my expectations. The sound is clean and crisp... output is much more then I expected for a 30 watt amp. I haven't played an electric guitar in years and wanted to get back into it, I knew I couldn't go wrong with Marshall... this is a great amp for the money.

Other amps in the same general price range, such as the Line 6 Spider IV Modeling Guitar Amplifier -- which you can generally find for $250-$350 -- don't produce quite the same tone. While the modeling amplifiers are certainly nice, and produce some interesting electronic-sounding effects, they can't compete with a good old fashioned Marshall tube amp. If you have any doubts about the Marshall MG30FX, watch a minute or two of the video below for a tone demonstration.

Video Demonstration: The MG30FX has that Classic Marshall Tone

Marshall MG30FX: Hands Down the Best Guitar Amp for under $200

If you're looking to get back into playing guitar, or if you're looking to upgrade over a starter amp, you can't go wrong with a Marshall. The Marshall MG30FX is hands down the best value for your money -- enough tone and power for anything you could possibly want to do as a garage guitarist, all for under $200.

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