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Martin Guitars Still The Best

Updated on July 23, 2021
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I have played guitar for many years. I still play even though I am disabled. I taught basic guitar lessons for years to children and adults

Martin D-28

Martin D-28 1999.
Martin D-28 1999. | Source

Best Martin Guitars

I waited a lot of years to save enough money to buy a Martin. I started to teach myself the guitar in 1965 on a Wards nylon string guitar. I was not satisfied and bought another Ward electric guitar. After several more low priced guitars in 1999 I bought my first Martin a D-28 at Georges Music in Orlando. The price in 1999 was $1600.00.

Everyone can see from the photo I still have this amazing guitar. If anyone buys a Martin they usually keep the guitar for the rest of their life if they were made in the USA. The more expensive Martins are usually made here and are made out of solid woods.

The D-28 has a solid spruce top with rosewood back and side. The Martin name is written on the headstock. The tuning gears are enclosed which is good for keeping dust and lint out of them. The gears have a sealed-in lubricant, this help them to stay working properly.

The D-28 has 14 frets and sounds awesome even at the 15 fret. The guitar has front side position markers so you know where you are on the fingerboard. The top of the fingerboard has larger position marks.

What made me spend this kind of money on a guitar? I had played one many years before and knew someday I would have one, The D-28 has a most awesome heavenly sound. The trebles are bright and clear and ring out. The bass is loud and deep it continues to improve with each passing year.

The play-ability is great the action is low enough for an easy play. The bridge is a standard pin bridge made out of ebony. The fingerboard is made out of stripped ebony. Solid East Indian rosewood is used for the back and the sides of the D-28. The finish on the guitar is a gloss finish.

Overall, If you are wanting a guitar for fancy looks this is not the guitar you probably want. The D-28 is a plain Jane dreadnaught, but it has a great sound. It not only continues to improve with age but so does the value of these guitars. If you are a collector this is a great guitar for you, well worth it.

Update April 26,1916

In Answer To The Question : Why are Martin Guitars The Best? They hold the best value of any guitars I have ever owned. If you live long enough you will see what I mean. Buy a Martin, preferably a solid wood one. Solid wood top, bottom, and sides. It will go up in value if you take care of it.

Martin D-2R

Another really great sounding guitar is the Martin D-2R it has a really unforgettable sound the kind you can't forget and makes you want to keep playing. Playing the D-2r has really helped me to play by ear. I believe the Martins really do help students to improve and contribute to better guitar players.

Few guitars can quiet a room but this is one of them. Martin D-2r actually has such a big beautiful sound that people really do get quiet to hear the tone from this guitar. The music from the D-2r is like none other.

The D-2R has 14 clear frets. I have no trouble playing to the 15th fret playing a perfect G. The D-2R is not as expensive as the D-28. The D-2R is not a solid wood guitar it is laminate and costs a lot less. I have been offered twice what I paid for it. This is an example of how Martin guitars hold a better value.

The D-2R was designed by Martin to fulfill both worlds, the guitar is for fingerstyle players and picks players. I like both styles now I play both styles of music with one guitar. Here are some facts on the way the guitar was built.

Looking through the soundhole you will see how well built the D-2R is the back has transverse brace. There is the end block, and on the front of the block, you will see the type of guitar D-2R and the most important serial number. The soundboard has X bracing. The weight of this guitar is much lighter than the D-28. The guitar cost about $800.00 in 1995. I have been offered $1600 for it. The guitar has lubricated encased tuning gears. They still will need to be maintained I would say once a year. I use petroleum jelly once a year as recommended by Martin.

The Martin company has been in business since 1833. I would recommend Martin guitars, they are a very good company. I have had good service.

My Martin D-2R

Looking though the sound hole you will not only get the serial number but the number of the guitar you are trying to buy. There are big differences between the Martin D-2R and the D-28.The D-2R top is solid Sitka spruce, and the back and sides are laminated rosewood. The fingerboard is black micarta. The bridge on the guitar is black micarta.This costs way less money.

Experiment with strings this will tell you which ones sound best. I would suggest using the recommended strings the MSP + 4200 they are coated phosphor bronze.

Always look in the sound hole to see the number of the guitar if you are buying a Martin.
A friend of mine went to buy a Martin D-28 from a private owner who lived far from his home. Thinking that he bought a D-28 he returned and I had to tell him he had bought a D-2R. I love the D-2R but its not the price of a D-28. This was a terrible thing to do to anyone but it happens.

In conclusion, the D-2R is one great guitar that is fun to play. Update April 17, 2015 I still have and play both if these guitars and I would not sell either one. To show you what a great investment, I could of tripled my money on the D-28, but turned it down.

Martin Guitars

5 stars for Martin D-28, and D-2R

© 2014 stella vadakin


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