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Marvel Minimalist Posters - Absolutely Awesome

Updated on February 7, 2012

I just saw this post on , showcasing some of the coolest psoters I have ever seen. These are Marvel Minimalist Posters, and they showcase a single character, with only the main ideas of the character shown. All of these are gorgeous, and I want all of them, now. If I had money, I would get them all, but alas, I am sort of broke right now. They are printed on actual canvas, so it is an actual art print. very classy.

I really love these minimalist paintings like this. The really great pieces of art like these do so much with the least amount on the canvas. Even the little touches on the posters, like the Symbiote Spider-man poster (the black suit one). At the bottom of the page, there is a little dripping of “ink” from the edge of the painting onto the border, representing the symbiote. Touches like that are so awesome, that not everyone will get, but people “in the know” (or everyone reading this, *wink wink*) will appreciate it.

Below, I have included my Top Five posters, but you can see all of them here

Daredevil - I love that the eyes of his mask are also the Scales of Justice. This one is my favorite. Gorgeous.

Captain America - Pretty standard image of the shield, but still very well done.

Galactus - One of the most iconic villains in Marvel comics, this is incredible at showing his great size

Thor - This one is really good, however, it almost looks like The Flash lightning bolt int he back, don't you think? Crossover movie perhaps?

Wolverine - Again, pretty obvious. However, it is a great representation of the character (X for X-Men....get it?)

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