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Marvel New Bet - Iron Man

Updated on December 7, 2017

Director: Jon Favreau

Cast: Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Terrance Howard, Jeff Bridges

Iron Man, a new Marvels superhero edition, as if Captain America, Spider-Man, Wolverine, The Hulk etc etc. weren’t enough. What has this one to offer apart from the corny bulging biceps,honed claws scratching the doors or cobwebs flying around the city. Or may be even worse, we will have to sit through and witness another experiment gone horribly wrong as always.

Well, if these are some of the apprehensions that are bugging you and cluttering your mind with second thoughts about the movie, let me allay these fears for once and for all. Iron Man is nothing like any superhero film where chances and flukes decide the fate of the character. This feature of Marvels has pumped in a breath of fresh air by being as realistic to our world as you could possibly think amid the superheroes galore.

Tony Stark, a genius playboy, has inherited the legacy of Stark Industries (billion dollar industry) played by Robert Downey Jr. His repartree and banters will light you up and his lifestyle will make you longing for more and more. As Alfred looked after Bruce Wayne in Batman, we have Gywneth Paltrow aka 'Pepper Potts' looking after Tony Stark in this one. Critically acclaimed actor, Jeff Bridges aka 'Obdiah Stane' is the second-in command of the Stark industries and is ambitious enough to take down Tony Stark in order to succeed the throne. Spoiler Alert: I just gave away the villain.

Terrence Howard is casted as James "Rhodey", a friend of Stark's, and the liaison between Stark Industries and the United States Air Force. So, Tony, world's most advanced and sophisticated weapon supplier, headed to war-torn Afganistan for selling his 'Jericho' missile accompanied by his James Rhodey . As events take turn, he find himself captured by the notorious gang called 'Ten Rings'. The story of how the breakthrough of 'Iron Man' came off is explicitly covered in this first half.

Tony gets away from the “Ten rings” with a ground breaking plan and is finally bailed out, by the US Air Force. Tony embarks upon a new secret project at home assisted by his artificially engineered friend 'Jarvis' where he perfects his design of the suit. By the way, Jarvis is cool, mesmerising and undoubtedly one friend that we all would want at home. The first suit up scene is way too cool to handle and the first flight of Iron Man with a thumping soundtrack will rush your adrenalin to its peak. Given you are a tech-freak, needless to say,this superhero might actually switch your opinion about Batman being the coolest wizard of gadgets... Batman fans! NO Offence!..Lol

Having found out about the alleged dealings of the company,Tony plans to shut down the weaponry unit of Stark Industries. But guess who, it doesnt go down well with? Jeff Bridges.. Sorry!! Obdiah Stane.The two get ready to rumble and what remains to be seen is who comes on the top. Like we dont know the answer to that..

I found this superhero masala exhilarating with ample amount of suspense and right amount of action unlike some messy action films. Director John Farveau has gracefully managed to grind all the essential elements which fall into place at right time without bringing any monotony, all thanks to his astute direction. Maintaining a pleasant and constant variation in the pace, movie gives just about enough of everything. Hands down to Robert Downey Jr, his second best performance after Sherlock Holmes in my opinion. He comfortably slips under the skin of character and drives us to believe that he is actually Tony Stark. Looking like a cute girl next door, Gywneth is just adorable in this one. Her role might look like a bit sidelined but plays a vital role in salvaging our hero. Jeff Bridges, though looks like a badass with a cigar and a bald face, failed to evoke fear neither with his lines nor with his aura. The talent of such an actor could have been more wisely capitalised. Being a rock fan myself, I assure you that background music will charge you up with the guitar riffs and drumming beats.

Altogether, this flick will plug you in a sci-fi mode of 2hrs leaving no room for boredom. My take away from this feature was that finally a superhero movie where hero is empowered with sheer determination and pure intelligence rather than a crawling insect waiting to bite him and turn his life around. In the end, I hope I must have managed to dispel some of your doubts, if not all, but do give this movie a try.

My rating : 8/10

By: Raghav Kumar


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    • Ankit kalp profile imageAUTHOR

      Ankit kalp 

      10 months ago from India

      True dat!!

    • thedevilinme profile image


      10 months ago from Northampton, United Kingdom

      Iron Man rocks


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