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Marvel's Agents of SHIELD Season 3 Premiere Review

Updated on October 1, 2015

Premiere Teaser

Director Phil Coulson and Agent Daisy "Skye" Johnson are leading the search for more powered people, particularly Inhumans, in the wake of their encounter with Jiaying, Daisy's mother, and her army. However, It's not long before they find out that they are not the only ones on the hunt for these new powers.

Beginning Summary

We see Skye, now preferring to be called by her birth name Daisy, encountering a new power as he accidentally causes a panic in the middle of a busy city. He gets carted (blasted) off to the new "bus" where he's kept safe and made aware of the new Inhuman outbreak he's now apart of.

The Good

There seems to be some considerable character growth on multiple fronts.

  • Daisy looks to have near mastered her powers (I.E. she uses them well and only when she wants to.
  • Mack looks to have, thankfully, lost his xenophobia now that he's in charge of all things Alien (at least in terms of alien objects and the like)
  • Fitz is more willing to admit his love for Jemma, though is on a mad quest to find her.
  • Bobbi and Hunter seem to be having some "trouble in paradise". Not clear if that should be a negative or not, but the tension and estrangement between them is definitely clear. Who doesn't love a little work place drama?

The Bad

  • The new big bad is giving off a serious X-men "weapon X" vibe. It's not necessarily a bad thing, but I feel there is so much more they can do with this new rise of Inhumans than rehash old X-men concepts.
  • Episode isn't terribly exciting/No "WOW" factor.


  • Skye is now Daisy
  • Daisy is in control of her powers
  • Mack is no longer Xenophobic (on the surface )
  • Shield has some serious Tech Upgrades
  • Hunter and Bobbi are on the Rocks
  • FItz is a man on a mission
  • New Big Bad wants Inhumans to experiment on

The Verdict

Not a terribly exciting start to the season, but full of questions and teasers that need answering. The character development is nice to see and I have hope for this new season.



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