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Mary-Kate and Ashley's TV Shows

Updated on July 10, 2014

Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen


"Full House" Cover


"Full House"

"Full House" is definitely a classic sitcom tv show at this point. If you reference it in any country with tv the country's population will know what you're talking about. "Full House" ran from 1987 to 1995. The main plot was a dad (Bob Saget) is looking for people to help him out with his three daughters (played by Candace Cameron Bure, "The Heart of Christmas", Jodie Sweetin, "Defending Santa", Mary-Kate Olsen. "Beastly", and Ashley Olsen. "New York Minute") after his wife suddenly passes away. He has his old college buddy (Dave Coulier, "Robot Chicken") and his brother in law (John Stamos, "The Two Mr. Kissels") move in to help him out with raising his children.

Is "Full House" a good show though? That is debatable. I think as far as family orientated sitcom shows it's a safe show to be able to sit your kids in front of. The jokes are pretty mellow and family friendly. I don't really care for this show that much in comparison to the other family sitcoms that were big at that time. It has some funny moments, the kids are cute, and it's sweet seeing three guys raising three little girls. I remember watching this fairly regularly when I was little along with "Family Matters" and "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch". I always preferred "Sabrina" and "Family Matters" to "Full House" even at that time, but I did like "Full House". I kind of viewed the daughters like they were a Barbie family. D.J. was like Barbie in my mind. Stephanie was like Skipper or Stacey. Michelle was like Kelly or baby Krissy. I was a big fan of Barbie when I was little so I probably just saw anyone that was blonde with sisters that were blonde as Barbie-like. I'm pretty sure I thought Sabrina was like Barbie too because I'd sometimes pretend my Barbie doll was a witch. Ah, old times. The show "Full House" is a bit dated now and it has some cheesy over dramatic moments, but if you want something safe that deals with familial issues this is an alright show to let your kids watch. I think ABC Family occasionally shows reruns of it, but you might have to get a dvd collection of it if you want to see the entire series. I'd say this show's rating is a three and a half out of five stars.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are okay in this series. They were originally cast because they were cute babies not because they had acting talent, so they were forced to grow into their acting abilities during the duration of the show. Some other similar shows to "Full House" are "Family Matters", "Home Improvement", and "The Brady Bunch".

"Full House" First Episode

"Two of a Kind" Cover


"Two of a Kind"

Admittedly I never saw this show at all when it was originally aired, but I did watch most of the seasons episodes on youtube (which may be the one place to view them now as I couldn't find them on amazon or netflix). "Two of a Kind" (1998-1999) is a show about a college professor and single dad (Christopher Sieber, "Morning Glory") who's raising his two daughters played by Mary-Kate and Ashley (They use their real names on the show for their characters). Mary-Kate is a tomboy and Ashley is a girly girl who likes makeup and is boy crazy. The girls' dad enlists the help of a babysitter (Sally Wheeler, "Last Laugh") who happens to also be one of his students at the college.

This show seemed a little too similar to "Full House" with the premise. Only instead of enlisting two guys to help him out, the dad in this show enlists a woman to. I think it's an alright show. It's not the best show and it didn't last long enough for there to be much development with the characters. The romance that was hinted about between the dad and the sitter was never fully realized and ended quickly before anything happened between them. Ashley and Mary-Kate's acting is a little better in this show than how they were on "Full House" and I liked that they each had their own character that was individual as opposed to how in "Full House" they were one single character.

Older kids (maybe fourth grade to middle school age kids) will like this show the most. I'd rate this a three out of five stars. I'd say this show is pretty similar to "Full House", "Still Standing", and "The Cosby Show".

What is your favorite show starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen?

What is your favorite show starring Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen?

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"So Little Time" Cover


Where to find "So Little Time"

"So Little Time"

"So Little Time" (2001-2002) is a show about two sisters: Chloe (Ashley Olsen) and Riley (Mary-Kate Olsen) who face common teen issues involving school, family, relationships, and friends. The other main cast members are their designer parents (Clare Carey, "Home Alone 4" and Eric Lutz, "Switching Goals"), a guy from their school -Larry (Jesse Head, "Surf's Up")- who is in love with Riley, their funny housekeeper (Taylor Negron, "Stuart Little"), and Teddy the snotty supermodel (Natashia Williams, "Romeo!") who works with their mom. As the series progressed a few other characters were added.

I liked "So Little Time" at the start of the series. It comes off really fresh and has a mtv type style to it. The theme song is enjoyable and not as dated as their first two shows. When I hear it I can pinpoint that it's likely an early 2000s song, but it still works for the present. I kind of like watching older shows with older themes anyway once in a while because it's a bit of a time capsule of the time period. My favorite part of the show was Larry and his infatuation with Riley. It's kind of like Urkel's crush on Laura in "Family Matters". Larry was cute and devoted and funny. I really wished he'd ended up with Riley at least for a little bit, but towards the end of the show's run he gets a girlfriend who just isn't enjoyable to watch for some reason. She's just kind of annoying and because Larry was dating someone else it didn't make sense why his story arc would still be too involved with the rest of the cast.

Ashley and Mary-Kate's acting in this show is better than their earlier work and their fashion is awesome. I suppose in a way the entire show is a bit of a giant commercial for their clothing line at the time, but it's still pretty good. I also liked that they have different hair styles for the majority of the run so they're more individual (as the show progressed though their hair became the same). I liked both of their characters about the same. Chloe is a bit more fashion orientated and seems to be a bit more over dramatic and boy crazy. Riley is more quiet and is frustrated by Larry most of the time instead of obsessing about other guys. She likes fashion, but doesn't seem to prioritize it as much as Chloe.

I don't recommend the later episodes if you are a big fan of Larry and Riley's possible relationship because Larry's new girlfriend is irritating. I think the first episodes were well done though and fresh and made this show better than the Olsen twins other shows. The later shows though aren't as good as "Full House" or even "Two of a Kind". This is probably just poor writing and not enough characters. Because of the decrease in quality for the writing I'd rate this three and a half out of five stars. It does come very close to being four though. Teenage girls will likely enjoy this the most. This show is similar to "Lizzie Maguire", "Zoey 101", and "Drake and Josh" (it's filmed in the same high school as "Drake and Josh" too!).

"Mary-Kate and Ashley In Action" Cover


Where to find "Mary-Kate and Ashley In Action"

"Mary-Kate and Ashley In Action"

This cartoon show that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen did is probably the worst of all the shows they've worked on. Why is this not a good show? It's poorly named for one. The main characters that the twins voice are named Misty and Amber so why not name the show: "Misty and Amber In Action"? Or name it simply: "In Action"? I understand that the creators of the cartoon used their names to draw in fans, but it might have had more longevity if they had just titled it something better and stated that it starred them in commercials or advertisements. I don't think this is a bad show because of Mary-Kate and Ashley though. I think they do a good job as voice actors in this. I just think the writers of the cartoon did a bad job. It's also not poorly animated. It has bright colors and action. It's just the writing is really bad. The main characters of the cartoon are secret agents that solve mysteries in the fashion and music world along with the help of a robotic terrier dog.

If you're a big fan of the Olsen twins you might want to check out this show. If not avoid it. It's just not that great. It's a one out of five star rating. Little kids are probably the only audience this will work out well for, but even little kids might not like it that much. Similar shows to this are: "Kim Possible" and "Scooby-Doo".


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    • Nicole Hering profile imageAUTHOR

      Nicole Kristine 

      4 years ago from MN

      Check out my new hub "Mary-Kate and Ashley's Movies". It's a list of all the movies they starred in together and reviews of each movie.


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