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Master P Rap Mogul and BBTV

Updated on December 29, 2011

Master P and BBTV

Master P is a highly successful rapper who has sold millions of albums and singles, yet his alter ego Percy Miller may be an even a more successful businessman. How Master P turned his musical career into a highly successful business venture is one that stands in stark contrast to the many failures we read about when musical artists go bankrupt because they cannot transition from one career to another.

Instead, Master P who as a rap artist generated over $50 million in profit over the course of his career, particularly in the late 1990’s when he was at his peak, has managed to transition back to his real name Percy Miller, CEO of No Limit Entertainment which includes No Limit Records, Clothing, Films, Communications, Sports Management, Properties and Advantage Travel worth an estimated $600 million dollars. This extraordinary amount places him alongside Jay-Z and P-Diddy or Sean Combs as one of the most successful rap artists/businessmen of the 21st century.

As Master P, Percy Miller’s rap career has been a highly successful one. Backed by the group TRU, Master P’s first single “Mr. Ice Cream Man” in the late 1990’s alongside “Make ‘Em Say Uhh!” was highly successful with the latter going platinum. Master P’s popularity only skyrocketed with his second album “Ghetto D” and Miller even stared in his first feature film, “I’m Bout It”.

“MP Da Last Don”, his follow-up album released in 1998 is still his most successful to date. Hitting #1 on the Billboard charts and selling over 4 million copies, it put Master P on the level of other highly successful rap artist as a true force in music for the next few years.

However, the 21st century was not as kind to Master P as the late 1990’s were. His follow-up efforts to “MP Da Last Don” have not been nearly as successful and either as an off-shoot or because of the declining results of his rap career, the alter ego of Master P gave way to Percy Miller as he used his massive profits to form the No Limit Corporation and its many interests.

One of the most successful business ventures Percy Miller has started is a television network known as Better Black Television or BBTV. The aim of BBTV is to promote a more positive message and content for African American culture. Launched in 2009 with such luminaries as Denzel Washington, Bo Derek and Derek Anderson as executives of the company, Percy Miller has managed to establish BBTV to the heights previously though unattainable. This effort goes so far as Percy starring in a new film titled “Get Money” alongside co-star Gucci Mane and based on the book of the same name.

BBTV also features content aimed at children, Miller has teamed up with his son Romeo to help develop a cartoon known as “Gee Gee The Giraffe”. This effort is again designed to promote a positive, entertaining and meaningful content for African-American children. Such ventures into animation are not new ones for Percy Miller as his music video “Black History” also featured animation.

While Master P still records, Percy Miller has taken charged of his financial future and has made quite a name for himself.


Percy Miller Success


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