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Math Magician Magic

Updated on January 4, 2011

Math Magician

 Easily become a Math Magician and impress your friends with this guide. Many people claim they not good at math and they tend to shy away from anything math related. However, if you take the time to learn some cool math tricks you can appear as a math genius and can even be dubbed "The Incredible Math Magician" by your friends and family.

Here's an easy trick on how to get started on becoming a Math Magician:

  • Have your friend write a whole number between one and twenty on a blank piece of paper. Tell them they can hide it anywhere they want. They can even blind fold you and spin you around if they feel it is necessary! But it does not matter what they do; you will be able to find out the number using your awesome Math Magic abilities
  • Give your friend a calculator and tell him or her to follow your instructions closely and ensure that they hit the equal button after every step. Also ensure that you cannot see the calculator at all. You can even turn your back away from them.
  • Tell them to input the number they wrote on the blank piece of paper into the calculator.
  • Multiply this number by three.
  • Add the secret number
  • Minus three.
  • Multiply this number by three.
  • Multiply this new number by three again.
  • Add the secret number.
  • Minus your friend's birthday month.
  • Multiply by three.
  • Multiply by three again.
  • Multiply by three one more time.
  • Add the secret number.
  • Minus your friend's birthday month.
  • Now have them show you the calculator screen.

Math Magician
Math Magician

The number on the screen may look really long and complex. Do not worry! You are a math magician and can figure this out. Here is how to interpret the results:

  • If the number on the screen is negative then the number they wrote on the paper was one. If it was not one, then there must have been a calculator-user error!
  • If the number has only three digits then the number was two.
  • If there are four digits then ignore the last three digits and only add two to the first digit. That will give you their secret number!


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    • Nasrullah idris profile image

      Nasrullah Idris 4 years ago from Bandung

      "1 + 1" is not as simple as most people think. There contained various mysteries.