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Matty's movie Pick - Happy Feet Two

Updated on November 29, 2011

Happy Feet Two

Happy Feet Two

My son made his movie request this weekend to see Happy Feet Two, the sequel to the popular family fun movie, Happy Feet which premiered in 2006. I enjoyed the first movie and was looking forward to the sequel as well and was curious how it would follow the original. I like to take my son to kid movies that have a good story and a message about life that helps us all to understand the importance of family, friendships and relationships. Matty wanted to get to the theatre early so we could see all the coming attractions before the start of the movie. We even saw a Looney Tunes cartoon short with Tweety bird and Sylvester the cat called I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat.

Happy Feet Two is a wonderful family fun movie directed by George Miller who also directed Happy Feet. It is computer animated like the original and it brings back some of the original characters and introduces us to a cast of new characters as well. Elijah Wood reprises his role as Mumble who now is a father and is endearing in his relationship with his son, Erik, very cute, played by child actress Ava Acres. Gloria, the mother is played by Alecia Moore (Pink) who replaced the late Brittany Murphy who died in 2009 and was cast in the original role in Happy Feet. Robin Williams is also back as he plays both Ramon and Lovelace and once again displays his humorous ways. Another notable loss from the original Happy Feet movie was the hugely popular Steve Irwin who died in 2006 in a tragic Sting ray attack while filming a documentary.

As the movie opens we see Erik, the son of Mumble and Gloria trying to dance like his parents. Within moments he becomes embarrased in front of a large audience of Penguins on Emperor Land and seeks to hide away from his family and the crowd. He is not willing to leave his hideout even after his parents try to coax him out. He is then joined by his friends Brodicia and Atticus for moral support. Ramon after feeling that he is an outcast decides to leave Emperor Land after being rejected by a love interest and is soon followed by the three baby penguins (Erik, Brodicia and Atticus). They trail Ramon to Adelie Land where they meet The Mighty Sven who has a special ability in that he can fly. Erik is amazed with Sven and his story of being rescued and becoming a hero. Sven empowers Erik with his advice in the following statement "If you want something you must will it and it will be yours." Sven also takes a liking to Erik and teaches him to believe in himself. Erik wishes to stay but Sven convinces him to leave the island and go back home with his father.

The movie adds another dimension to it by adding two new characters, Will the Krill and Bill the Krill played by Brad Pitt and Matt Damon. In the midst of a swarm Will wishes to leave and venture out of the swarm and move up the food chain as he does not want to be eaten. Bill reluctantly follows his friend to find safety. As Mumble, Erik and his friends head back home Mumble has a father-son chat and encourages his son that he will find his true talent and when he does he will know it. Erik is inspired by Sven and wishes to seek his wisdom and learn from his experiences. As they travel home and cross over an ice bridge they are confronted by an Elephant Seal, Bryan the Beach Master played by Richard Carter and his two sons. They are met with opposition and then the ice gives way and Bryan falls through the crevice as his sons look on helplessly. Mumble attempts to rescue Bryan and free him from the ice and is aided by a combination of factors including our friends Will and Bill and an angry leopard seal. As Mumble rescues Bryan and reunites him with his sons, Bryan promises he will pay back the favor any time he is in need.

As the Penguins return back they soon discover that Emperor Land has been struck by an iceberg trapping the entire penguin community and making it difficult to travel and search for food to survive. In an effort to find food and help, Brodicia sets out to Adelie Land to enlist the help of the Adelie penguins and to find Ramon and Sven while Mumble sets out to also find food and Erik remains behind with Atticus to wait nearby as his mom who is trapped below calmly sings to them to be brave. As Erik and Atticus wait they soon discover they are under attack by sea birds and they must seek to protect themselves and fight back.

As Ramon, Sven and the Adelie penguins come to help, Sven seeks to find fish for the starving penguins and goes on a mission to find as many as he can to bring back and in doing so we find Will as part of the food supply. He luckily frees himself but finds he is trapped in Emperor Land and he wishes to get back to the sea and back to the swarm. Ramon and Sven recognize the Russian vessel with the crew that saved them once before and Ramon swims to the tip of an iceberg to attract their attention by dancing as Sven flies away. Ramon brings the crew members to Emperor Land to enlist their help and they start to work to carve a path to help free the penguins but are disrupted by a storm and are forced to leave halfway through.

Realizing the severity of the situation Mumble starts to dance to encourage hope and to set a vibration in motion to help break the ice and free the penguins. He enlists all the Adelie penguins to join in including Sven. He realizes he needs more help and ventures out with Erik in tow to find Bryan to assist them. Will finally finds himself back in the sea as a result of the dancing and Mumble and Erik find Bryan and ask him to come to help but Bryan is in the midst of a battle and refuses. Erik distraught over the situation summons all his courage and finds his true gift as an operatic singer as he sings a song in tribute to his father, praising him and upon completing the song he hugs his father. This moves and touches Bryan and all the elephant seals as they join forces to help free the Penguins and in a real touching scene set to a Queen classic "Under Pressure" they work together in breaking the ice with the help of the Krill underneath and they eventually set the penguins free to once again be reunited with their families.

I admit I had tears in my eyes during that scene as the song played.

My son and I really enjoyed this movie and we recommend it highly.

Edward D. Iannielli III

Happy Feet Two

Happy Feet Two - Under Pressure

Happy Feet Two Bridge of Light

Erik's Opera

Happy Feet Two


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