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Maushmi Chaterji :Beautiful Indian Actress of 70s

Updated on April 10, 2015

Mini Biography of Moushumi Chatterjee

Raeal Name : Moushmi Chattopadhyaya

Screen Name : Moushumi Chatterjee

Popular As : Bollywood Actress, Bengali Actress

Birth Place : Mumbai, India

Nationality :Indian

Marital Status: Married (Jayant Mukherjee)

Eye Color : Black

Moushumi Chatterjee Hot Hindi Actress of 70s Decade

Moushumi Chatterjee is one of the most famous actresses in Bollywood cinema and she was much popular in late 70s and 80s decade. She has acted so many super stars in those days. She is amazingly talented actress. Most of Indian actress leaves the cinema after their marriage but Moushumi Chatterjee started her film career after her marriage. Roti Kapada Aur Makaan, Sabse Bada Rupaiya,Phool Khile Hain Gulshan Gulshan ,Maang Bharo Sajana,Justice Chaudhury, Bollywood/Hollywood and The Japanese Wife are some of the major milestone of her film career. She won several award for her performance and most of her films are based on Hindi and Bengali language.

Picture gallery of North Indian Actress Charmi

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Personal life of Moushumi Chatterjee

Moushumi Chatterjee was born culcutta and her faster was in Army. She got married to Jayant Mukherjee and they got two daughters. Most of actress starts their acting career at very young age and acted several years after getting married she quite from the industry. But Moushumi Chatterjee starts to acting after her marriage and she became top actress in the industry over several decade. After appear in lead heroine she also did appear in supportive characters too. She also actively involved in to Indian Politics in late 2004.

Some very rare photos of Moushumi Chatterjee

Performance of Moushumi Chatterjee

She is one of the beautiful actresses in those days . Moushumi Chatterjee is another good example for unnoticed talented actress in Bollywood cinema. She has played such diverse roles in her movies and has good performance ability. I have posted some several photographs of this wonderful actress. If you send comment on my hubs please consider posting them on English language, I will much thankful if you send your comments on English language because it easy to understand to me and for others.She is also appear in several Bengali movies and she also made her own mark on Bengali movie industry as a actress too.

Awards and Honors Received by Moushumi Chatterjee

Moushumi Chatterjee won several awards for her performances and she won be Best Actress award for Balika Badhu and also nominated for several awards such as Best Actress Nominee and Best Supporting Actress Nomination several times. She won fewer awards compare to other actress who actively involve in to Hindi cinema by most of her performance still memorable for fans of yestyear Hindi cinema.

Moushumi Chatterjee is one of the top Hindi Movie Actress in Bollywood movie industry.She is much popular in Bengali and Hindi cinema as a hot movie star and she is much lucky to perform with top movie actors in late 70s and 80s decade.


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