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11. Max rules 2005 USA colour U

Updated on July 13, 2014

also known as: MAX RULES: ADVENTURES OF A SUPER SPY (Asia/English title)

Action Comedy Adventure


From this family action packed adventure movie, which may appeal more to children rather then grown-ups comes a lot of juvenile behaviour. For sometime a group of secret bureau agents (Kim Nyhous) (William Kumma) (Deborah Labounty) (Ken Kasel) have closely monitored and watched over a group of young children who are forever breaking into houses, creating pranks and getting into trouble at school.

The rest of this film is about the relationship of these young children and how they accidentally stumbled upon a real life crime. Three young children Max Brinkley (Andrew.C. Maier) Jessica Taylor (Jennifer Lancheros) and Scott Sanders (Spencer Esau) have all known one another since kindergarten and are the best of friends and all attend Wilson middle school.

Max is the adventurous, mischief, cunning prankster, daredevil of the group, Jessica's skills are wall climbing, kick boxing & self-defence and Scott is a computer whiz kid, who can hack into anything. One night Max and his friends, broke through high technology security system just to get into his place, the bureau agents were shocked by this they knew Max's uncle Rick Brinkley (William. B. Davis) needed a security protection system because he was developing a hi-tech super tracking coding computer for the government, but what was Max doing? Why did Max need to break into his own place?

Next day Max and his friends were in trouble for organising a food fight so the principal (Peter Balogh) gave them 100 hours community service at a computer company called game ink, That night the FBI headquarters vault was broken into something valuable was taken. Before school the next morning Max, Jessica and Scott went to the game ink company to see what they had to do for their community service, they were shown around by Jeff (Jason Dittmer) the games assistant, Jeff introduced the children to Mr Daniels (Paul Eenhoorn) the manager.

After leaving the games room, Max made an excuse to go back just to hear Mr Daniels having a hurried weird dodgy conversation next second Mr Daniels collides with Max and stuff from Mr Daniel's briefcase crashed to the floor Max found a disk and hid it in his pocket. Back home Max tried the disk out, at first he thought it was a computer game till he saw a floor plan map, Max and his friends decided to follow Mr Daniels to thwart his evil scheme. Max and his friends get captured by Mr Daniel's & his accomplice.

In the end all well that ends well; the children were rescued, Mr Daniel and his accomplices, were caught, the tracking computer and other belongings were returned and as for the children well they got a deal off a life time so you had better watch out.

Max rules is an action comedy film suitable entertainment for all the family, although it may appeal more to children rather then grown-ups. This movie contains some juvenile behaviour, bravery, courage, & friendship.

Directed by: Robert Burke Written by: Robert Burke

Ando Rick Kung-fu wise man Ashton Anne Ashley nail polish girl2 Balogh Peter principal Henderson Beavers Trent Mark Bean's friend1 Birgh Kristina Bean's dance date Brown Loretta FBI director's secrtary Burke Duane security guard Cameron Derrick Reggie Davis.B. William Rick Brinkley Dennis Tami news reporter1 Deo Lowell Scott's interrogator Deremer Dallas fashion girl1 Dittmer Jason Jeff Eady Dave motorcycle cop Eenhoorn Paul Mr Daniels Esau Greg Mr Sanders Esau Gretchen nail polish girl1Esau Jill Mrs Sanders Esau Spencer Scott Sanders Estrella Jared warehouse cop Furcini Drake football quarterback Gillette Michelle Mrs Swingleham Haley fbi dog Harris Jordan Mark Bean's friend2 Hart Henry Dr Nimble Harvill Jim fbi door guard Heinrich Dan football coach Hodges Cameron school boy2 Holte Anya fashion girl2 Jackson Robert task force agent/news reporter2 Jason Paul water ballooned teacher Jason Susan teacher1 Jones Genevieve Reggie's date Kasel Ken secret bureau agent4 Kemper Drake optimistic kid Kennedy Aidan task force agent1 Koler Michael Jim Kelly Kumma William secret bureau agent2 Labounty Deborah secret bureau agent3 Lacy Tom fbi assistant Lancheros Jennifer Jessica Taylor Lee Maia young girl1 Leong David kung-fu instructor Litt Daniel school boy1 Lurie Dayna Sara Bean Maier.C. Andrew Max Brinkley Maier Margie teacher2 Maier Mark film noir man1 Mariott Natacia fashion girl3 Michels Seth jumpingjack kid1 Mindt Alan Bruce task force agent2 Naff. A.J film noir man2 Nichols Tina fbi director's assistant Nienaber David task force agent4 Nyhous Kim secret bureau agent1 Peltz Jacob food fight boy Peterson Natalia poster girl Polito Jack skeptical kid Riebe Beau school boy3 Robinson Michelle Reggie's ex Robinson Scott driving instructor Rodenbush Jenny game ink receptionist Rogers Ian jumpingjack kid2 Safstrom William food fight teacher Singh Viraj fbi finger print duster Segal Sophia anchor woman Slawson Rachel young girl2 Sorensen Linda cafeteria helper Soutirina Svetlana Jessica's interrogator Tingley Wynn Mark Bean Tobin James taskforce leader Ventrella Mika Mrs Taylor Winkler B James agent Riles Yates Darrell Max's interrogator Young Sasha Nicole


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