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Maxi dresses UK

Updated on March 14, 2013

As of recently, it has made its way to famous fashion magazines and ramp modeling again.

In 2010, Maxi Dress has become popular in United Kingdom and USA. Maxi dresses UK shops are everywhere even online. The dresses come in different designs and can be worn in several different occasions. Suitability of designs for older women to fashionable younger ones and teens are available. Designs can come in floral patterns, tartan, stripes, polka dots, solid colors and abstract prints. Famous celebrities have been seen wearing Maxi dresses UK in red carpets.

In general, a maxi dress is believed to be worn by tall women only. Whilst half of that is true, it is also believed that fashion in itself is flexible and versatile, and as the immortal saying goes, “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”, who says that petite and thick women cannot wear a Maxi dress. If you are anything but tall, here are some tips you may want to consider.

- If you are midsize, avoid a free flowing dress that reaches your toes to avoid stumbling on it. Look for a Maxi dress that is ankle length and wear it with a high-heeled wedge shoes or a stiletto in formal occasions. High-heeled shoes or sandals enhance your height and make you appear slender and tall.

- For petite, smaller prints, whether floral patterns or polka dots are highly recommendable. The cut is also ankle length and wear it with high-wedge shoes too.

- For women with fatter thighs, hide this with a slightly loose dress with the upper portion above the waist fitted and the lower portion frilled to emphasize the cut between the bust and the waistline. This is also recommended for pregnant women.

- Spaghetti strings look good for slender shoulders but not recommended for women with bulky arms. There are a lot of Maxi dresses UK which are tailored for women with broad shoulders and bigger chests.

- Cottony and floral patterns really look great in beaches and in summer. For evening occasions and formal parties, a Maxi dress made of silk or velvet is stunning and elegant.

Mainly because fashion is evolving, designers of Maxi dresses have come up with different styles to cater all women in the world. Maxi dresses UK has more than one fabulous cut to choose from to make sure that you will not be outdated.

- V-Neckline – It is classical yet gives a modern look. This is great for evening occasion and highlights your beautiful neck.

- Halter Necks - This is comfortable during hotter days mostly in summer.

- Scoop Neck – For an executive yet elegantly stylish look. It can be worn sleeveless or full-sleeved.

- Strapless – For a more daring woman, add this style to your collection. This can be worn in casual and parties too. With your hair pin up, this gives your neck and shoulder a sexier look.

Keep yourself up-to-date with these stylish Maxi dresses of which you can always look and shop for it online. With the right cut and design, matched with a perfect accessory, you can be the real eye catcher.


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