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"Maximum Ride" Movie Review

Updated on December 18, 2021
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Nathan is a film critic and aspiring author with a true passion for the film industry who hopes his writings will help launch his career.

Maximum Ride is about a group of kids who were experimented on and given special abilities as a result of the experiments. They now have Avian DNA, which basically means they have wings like birds. They were put into hiding and now, several years later, they find themselves in danger once again after one of their own is kidnapped.

The film is based on the first Maximum Ride novel, "The Angel Experiment". It's a good adaptation as far as staying loyal to the book goes; however, the film does have a few issues which are mostly because of its low budget. Sometimes, having a low budget can't be helped, especially in this case. It took years to get Maximum Ride into film form, but the story deserved better.

The effects weren't terrible, but it could have used some work. There were some points where it was painfully obvious and then there were parts where the effects were magnificent. The wings were done well, most of the time, and had a lot of detail to them. The flights weren't as well done but they weren't terrible either.

The acting wasn't bad, really. The whole cast are up-and-coming youngsters who all could have a bright future ahead of them, if they decide to stick with the movie industry. They could use a few pointers, but they did a good a job.

What bothered me most about the film was Max's look. Max, played by Allie Marie Evans, looked like she was a rebel wannabe. I realize they all needed to wear loose clothing so they could spread their wings but Max looked like her shirt got caught on two fences, tore both sides of her shirt off, then decided she was too lazy to change. Look at the book covers. Max is always completely covered and good-looking. She didn't look like some punk rebellious teen. Max was the role model. I'm all for being yourself and wearing what's comfortable but when you're representing someone who would die before letting one hair on the other kids' heads get harmed, you need to represent her in a professional fashion. The look clashed with her personality and that obviously bugged me. Also, what is it with guys still thinking it looks cool to have their hair sticking up in the front? That look died when I was in Middle School. Leave it in the past! Sorry, for the rant but come on, have some class.

There weren't many changes to the storyline and the changes that were there were very minor. I was happy that they changed the look of the Erasers. In the books, Erasers are half man, half wolf and that would have been tricky to pull off with such a low budget. So, instead, they gave them completely blackened eyes and long, sharp teeth. It was a fair change, which I have no qualms with.

Overall, I enjoyed the film, but because of the sloppy, misrepresented looks, mediocre acting, and sometimes decent effects, I give the film a 2.5 out of 4.

© 2016 Nathan Jasper


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