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May 2015 Box Office in Review

Updated on June 4, 2015

So far the 2015 summer box office has been incredible and one for the record books. With big winners and some big flops there is a lot to cover but also there is more to come this summer with titles such as Jurassic World and the reboot of Fantastic Four. The biggest winner of the summer is obviously Avengers: Age of Ultron with Pitch Perfect 2 and Mad Max: Fury Road in a distant second and third. As for the flops, Aloha and Hot Pursuit have been incredible disappointments. The other releases for the month of May had ho hum performances at best.


Avengers: Age of Ultron

Age of Ultron became the highest grossing film thus far of 2015 by its third weekend in the domestic box office. It’s not the highest grossing film of the year in terms of its worldwide total currently sitting in the second spot at $1.3 billion under Furious 7’s lofty $1.5 billion total. Age of Ultron will most likely surpass Furious 7 before the end of June. Age of Ultron’s total as of June 4th is up to $429.8 million on its way to making a domestic haul of $500 million.

Unfortunately Age of Ultron has been unable to live completely up to its predecessor though it is impressive. Age of Ultron opened with the second highest opening of all time with $191.2 million. This film will set the bar high making it near impossible for any other film to catch it with the lone exception being Star Wars: The Force Awakens which will definitely come close if not surpass it. The new Star Wars will also be scratching at the $2 billion mark worldwide and this total will make that movie the highest grossing of the year. So it will be a short-lived time at the top spot for Avengers.

Pitch Perfect 2

This film has been a killer at the domestic box office and has beaten all of the projections set down for it. Pitch Perfect 2 has so far made $150.6 million domestically on it’s way to hitting close to $200 million. The film has also been met with huge success overseas so fare bringing in a grand total of $231.3 million and still going strong. The film has made a huge profit on its estimated $75 million budget, which it made back on its first weekend when you include its worldwide gross for that weekend. Universal will be looking at making this franchise a staple at the studio and will be looking for another sequel in the near future. Rebel Wilson has show interest in doing a movie about her very popular character Fat Amy, which could be a good bet because Wilson can most definitely hold her own in a lead role.


Mad Max: Fury Road

Mad Max was the best-reviewed film in the month of May and like Pitch Perfect 2 is beating out projections. So far the film has grossed $120.1 million with a worldwide total of $244.4 million. Mad Max has a fresh rating of 98 percent among critics and 90 percent out of 70,553 users liked the film according to Rotten Tomatoes’ website. The film has been performing well during the week routinely ending up at the number one spot from day-to-day. Fury Road should end up bringing in close to $400 million worldwide by the time it finishes its run.

San Andreas

This disaster flick is off to a great start and defied projections by opened with $54 million. The film is only in its first week and should go on to make anywhere from $100 to $160 million domestically. The film has yet to be released internationally but will soon and will be performing exceptionally well. My projections have the film making upwards of a half billion dollars when the film wraps up its run.



This Brad Bird film has been a disappointment so fare but it should at least break even. Tomorrowland was released over the Memorial Day weekend to an okay $33 million, but the film has not shown much life domestically. The reviews were mixed as were audience reactions, I think that perhaps that the point of the film has been missed by most and may find an audience in the future. So far the film has grossed $66.6 million domestically, but has been trending well internationally and has a worldwide total of $136.6 million. I think the film may make back it’s budget of $225 million but only time will tell.


Though this remake will make back Twentieth Century Fox’s investment of an estimated $62 million, it’s fickle performance will preclude the undertaking of a sequel. The film opened with $22.6 million, has grossed $41 million domestically, and has made a worldwide total of $49.3 million so far. The film has been plagued by poor reviews, most sighting that it’s a carbon copy of the original. Poltergeist has become an example of why you shouldn’t remake a classic. You can make sequels till your mind goes numb or rip it off shamelessly and have success but you don’t try to duplicate it.


Hot Pursuit

Hot Pursuit has the distinction of being the first flop of the summer, though hopes were high for the film. The buddy cop comedy opened at $13.9 million, grossed $32.7 million, and $34.1 million worldwide after four weeks in theaters. On a budget of $63 million the film has been a loss to the studio. The film will probably end up grossing about $44 million domestically.


The biggest disappointment of the summer is probably going to fall on Aloha. The film opened on May 29th, to an extremely disappointing $9.6 million. The long term prospects don’t look any better, with the film only grossing anywhere from $20 to $30 million. The film has received excruciatingly bad reviews and poor audience response in spite of every thing going for it including a great local, cast, and director.

The 2015 box office is well on its way to being the best ever with records being broken in various places throughout the year. This year also features three juggernauts in the form of Furious 7, Age of Ultron, and Star Wars one already has and the other will cross the $1.5 billion dollar mark with their worldwide totals. No year has ever had more than one, let alone three films cross that mark. There are also a few other films that are capable of crossing the $1 billion mark. The most films to have crossed $1 billion in one year, was 2012 with four films.


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