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Mayuko Iwasa, Beautiful Bikini Model and Movie Actress From Tokyo Japan

Updated on December 15, 2017

A First Look at Mayuko Iwasa

Who is Mayuko Iwasa?

Japan is an amazing country with no shortage of beautiful women. And Mayuko Iwasa is another one of these great looking girls. Mayuko entered this world on February 24, 1987. She was born in Tokyo, Japan in a place called Nerima Ward. It seems to me like that is the name of a district or something. Mayuko Iwasa is a bikini model and movie actress that has starred with Anna Iriyama of the girl group AKB48. She stands at 155 centimeters tall and has the Type a blood type. In her spare time, Mayuko enjoys playing the horn as an instrument and she likes to swim as well. That doesn’t surprise me since Mayuko has an amazingly fit body. It is too bad that Mayuko isn’t recognized here in America because if she was she would be even more successful.

A few reasons why Iwasa can be considered a famous celebrity

Mayuko got her first appearance in a magazine in 2003 when she was only 16 years old. She became Miss Magazine 2003. She also won something called The Graph Prize at the 42nd Golden Arrow Awards in 2005. Mayuko participated in a duet with Naoya Ogawa called An Invader in My Own Way in June of 2005. This was used as the ending song for Sgt. Frog. Both of these ladies had appearances on Music Station and Pop Jam.

Various Photos of Mayuko Iwasa

Is Mayuko Iwasa listening to music in this photo?
Is Mayuko Iwasa listening to music in this photo?

Mayuko Iwasa as an actress 2004-2012

Mayuko is also an actress. Her first appearance in a movie was in 2004 when she starred in Space Police. In that same year of 2004, she also starred in Swing Girls, Omoi no Iro, Umeku Haisuikan, Chicken Deka and a few others to her credit. So this means that she made 7 movies in one year which means that you have a really busy schedule. 2005 was obviously less busy for Mayuko than the previous year as she only starred in 2 movies, Space Police and Einstein Girl. Mayuko currently belongs to the talent agency Platinum Production. Mayuko also has a really extensive list of TV drama appearances her debut being in TV Tokyo’s Deep Love. Most recently, she starred in the 8th episode of Kagi no Kakatta Heya in 2012. She also made an appearance in a drama called Gal Circle. In that drama, Mayuko stars as Rika, a person that scams people especially her friends for money. This is considered to be one of her most famous drama roles.

Mayuko Iwasa in gold bikini during a photo shoot from 2004

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2014 was a breakthrough year for Mayuko's acting career and here is why

However, it was in 2014 that I would say she had a breakthrough moment in her acting career. She starred in the Asahi TV Drama called Kurofuku Monogatari. This series had 8 episodes and Mayuko starred as a guest in the 2nd episode of the series. Why is this appearance for her significant? It is because one of her co-stars was the beautiful Anna Iriyama. Iriyama herself had gone through perhaps the scariest moment of her career earlier that year when she and Rina Kawaei were attacked by a crazy fan during an AKB48 handshake event. Both of these girls suffered cuts and lacerations but they survived. Iriyama survived the event and came back stronger than ever! With Mayuko Iwasa joining Anna Iriyama as an actress I’d say that’s one heck of a beautiful pair of girls for one drama. Iwasa has her overall beauty and sexiness while Iriyama is beautiful, cute, and sexy as well! In 2015, Iwasa starred in another medical drama known as Doctors’ Affairs. She was in the 8th episode of that series.

Bikini Model Mayuko Iwasa shows her beautiful bikini body!

A map of Nerima District, Tokyo where Mayuko is from


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