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Meav - Biography, Pictures, Videos

Updated on August 1, 2014
Méav Ni Mhaolchatha
Méav Ni Mhaolchatha

Méav Ni Mhaolchatha

  • Short Name: Meav
  • Full name: Méav Ni Mhaolchatha (Pronounced as: Mayv Knee-Whale-Kha-ha)
  • Birth Place: Dublin, Ireland
  • Genres: Celtic, Classical
  • Occupations: Singer
  • Instruments: Vocals, harp, piano
  • Labels: Celtic Collections, Manhattan
  • Associated acts: Celtic Woman, Anúna
  • Website:

Meav is an Irish singer and recording artist specializing in the traditional music of her homeland.

Meav Biography

Méav Ni Mhaolchatha is an extremely accomplished vocalist, with an angelic voice that can only come from the heavens above. In Korea and Japan her singing is known as "healing music".

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Méav was educated through the Irish language and continued to study voice, harp and piano while completing her law degree at Trinity College. Between 1994 and 1998 she was a principal soprano soloist with the choral group Anuna, which was featured in several of the biggest productions of Riverdance. In addition to extensive touring with Anuna, Méav also performed on several occasions with the Irish National Chamber and Concert Orchestras.

Méav has a broad range of performing experience in Ireland and abroad. She recorded two highly successful and critically acclaimed solo CD's, Méav (1999) and Silver Sea (2002).

Her passion for classical and traditional Irish music has led her to sing all over the world. She has been invited to perform at many festivals worldwide. She headlined at a major open-air festival in Seoul as part of the Korean World Cup celebrations, performed to great acclaim at a prestigious Celtic Festival in Tokyo and sang in the Beo Festival of Irish Music at the National Concert Hall Dublin.

Along with the other members of Celtic Woman, Méav gained musical stardom upon the ensemble's founding and almost immediate fame in 2004. Her singing is a prominent element of Celtic Woman's CDs: Celtic Woman, Celtic Woman: A Christmas Celebration, and Celtic Woman: A New Journey.

Meav Pictures

Meav Ni Mhaolchatha video - Interview

Meav video - Dulaman

Celtic Woman video - Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring


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    • profile image

      Juan Laureano 3 years ago

      thank you very much for NEWRY BOAT SONG wonderful;

      in memoriam to my father a merchant seafarer


    • profile image

      Ana 6 years ago

      Love you Meav. Sad about CW but ohh well.


    • profile image

      Sharon Killough 6 years ago

      She is not only beautiful, her voice is beautiful. Her voice is very pure.

    • profile image

      Bill Dale 7 years ago

      First time I heard Meav was tonight in silent night song on Christmas. She is the most beautiful woman most feminine voice in all the world and this is how a woman should sound to be pleasing to all of mankind the most. Then I found Dulaman and many others. I am hooked. Wish I found her before. Now I love her and her clan at first contact and forever. This is a real woman and good example for others both young and old, a blessing to the world for angelic messages to speak through her voice and melt the cold heart of man. Meav is Love. Anybody who knows her is blessed for each moment of happiness near to her.

    • profile image

      fran 7 years ago

      your recital in the concert hall was fantastic. nice to be 3 rows away from you when performing. lol

    • profile image

      Fran Bailey 7 years ago

      Hi MAEV,

      I SEE YOU TOOK MY ADVICE. Have my ticket for the 15th in the concert hall. hope to meet you also lol fran

    • profile image

      edward200 8 years ago

      omg favorite singer of all time she is so awsome in dulaman awsome voice really awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    • profile image

      Summer Rathfon 8 years ago

      Your voice is truly wonderful. I do miss you in the Celtic Women!

    • profile image

      Juan L 8 years ago

      how many beauty in your face ,and a voice wonderfull...

      for ever and ever

    • profile image

      Michel 8 years ago

      Meav is absolutely gorgeous and has a beautiful voice. I fell in love with her beauty and her voice!!

    • profile image

      alexis anderson from mrs harlows class 8 years ago

      i love you meav your the best

    • profile image

      Leigh 8 years ago

      Meav: Your music is magical and your voice is angelic. Your passion for each song is moving. Thank you so much. While I am sure that you work very hard to stay on top of your craft, selfishly, I say, please take care of your gift.

    • profile image

      Joe 8 years ago

      About five month's ago i first saw Celtic Woman on PBS but i only saw bit's of the show A New Journey, then i bought the DVD and the CD and it's not fair i'm 55 year's old and i fell in LOVE with six of the most amazing and ABSOLUTELY incredible women i have ever seen, I love each one of the girl's but am posting this on the BEST one i have ever heard and seen. You knock me out watching you do DULAMAN & DANNY BOY, you have a very flirty way of looking as you sing those song's also i love to see your eye's light up as you sing, i think you put so much Passion into your music your just incredible in my eye's, you blend in with Lisa,Mairead,Chloe,Orla and Hayley and just make the best music i have heard ....I like to call it MY GO TO DVD when my heart is feeling low because watching all of you really raise me up, i'm sorry to hear your not with Celtic Woman any more but i will alway's have your beauty on my DVD which i have not taken out of my player from the day i got it. I really wish i could move to Ireland were the most perfect women are born and live.Love You Alway's Joe

    • profile image

      Lily 9 years ago

      hi! can someone tell me what's her age?

    • profile image

      Angel Miami 9 years ago

      Please I want to know what tipe of voice you have

    • profile image

      Mark 9 years ago

      Absolutely the most incredible woman on the planet!!! God made you perfect in every way that I can see. I cannot wait to see and hear you in heaven. There... everyone will be able to enjoy your unending talents, forever...

    • profile image

      thomas (tom) frye 9 years ago

      hey meav...borrowed jeff's (moonman) computer to mail this. make you a deal.

      you keep being an absolute darlin', i'll keep treating ALL women like they're

      super-duper angel type stuff. deal? thanks lovely lass. tom (yer uncle fuddly)

    • profile image

      akexis from mrs harlows class 9 years ago

      i love you meav from mrs. harlows class room tell mrs harlow that i said hey ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    • profile image

      lexie 9 years ago

      i love you meav i always go to your web siet did you know that *****

    • profile image

      austin 9 years ago

      too; meav i think your voice is awesome!!!!!!!! i think you are pretty??????

    • profile image

      alexis from mrs. harlow"s class 9 years ago

      I love How You Sing ???? Tell Mrs. Harlow I Will miss her and you ???? you can Email me any Day Email me meav ??????? your hair is preatty??? I Will never Ever forget You i bet you will miss me too#####

    • profile image

      FRAN 10 years ago

      suprised to see you gone from tagged too. missing you xx

    • rchj98 profile image

      rchj98 10 years ago from Longmeadow, MA

      Thank you for the hub....Meav is the most beautiful, perfect woman on earth and she has an exquisite voice!

    • fran40 profile image

      fran40 10 years ago from LEIXLIP ,COUNTY KILDARE

      your amazing and talented singer

    • profile image

      Kid 10 years ago

      Cool she has a nice voice :)

      Meav is cooool :D

    • jdeschene profile image

      jdeschene 10 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      To anyone who hasn't heard them, I highly reccommend Meav's solo albums. They have such a deep magical sound. I especially love her version of Loreena McKennitt's "Dante's Prayer." That one will haunt you.

      Thanks for posting this, Gregorious. Some the pictures are ones I've never seen before. Meav is just gorgeous.

    • profile image

      kayla 10 years ago

      Meav is the best singer in the worl your voice is amazing i love you

    • profile image

      Alexis From Mrs. Harlow's Class 10 years ago

      Meav Are The Best Singer My Life!!!

    • profile image

      Jessica 10 years ago

      Meav is one of the best singers I have ever heard in my life!!!

    • profile image

      John Lorenzen 10 years ago

      I don't know if it's proper to fall in love with a voice, but I have!

    • profile image

      Gláucia Miranda 10 years ago

      She is simply the best , better than all the rest, better than anyone!! She is an amazing singer!!! God bless you Méav