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Media shape the ideas of viewers!

Updated on October 18, 2013

Influence of media!

Politicians and Media!

Our opinions are shaped mostly by the media like the TV, Newspapers and Internet. We tend to be carried away by the news feed. We are mostly enamored by the titles and subtitles. Some people may assert, "Let the media say anything, but I believe in so and so or such and such party. Especially during the election time, the media play a vital part. Hence it is easy to twist and turn the facts and we started beginning to judge! I will just cite an example from Indian political scenario.

It is evident that most of the media conducts their own trial through news items, visual clips and forge a theory. By showing the same clip several times, it browbeat the onlooker to accept their theory. There are always two sides to a story but the media manage to present one side, making us to believe in their version.

I hate corrupt politicians plundering the country. But they do not belong to any particular party. Party affiliations serve to protect them from the long arm of the law. In every political party, there are honest people saddled by criminals and thugs.They have got their own way of achieving things irrespective of honest people. Political administration is a chain and most of the people are either immoral or corrupt. Hence the presence of one or two honest people disconnects. Either they are bypassed or relegated to insignificant posts. Media is a powerful instrument to expose the corrupt and criminals. Because of the media, several politicians are tasting jail sentences. A democratic country which is vast which has people talking in different languages and following different lifestyles can not be administered by a single government. Hence for easy administration, linguistic states have been formed with boundaries.

During the struggle of Independence, entire country stood behind Mahatma Gandhi, Vallabai Patel and Nehru to achieve their freedom. Once India got independence, linguistic states have been formed for easy administration. Each state was administered by a Chief Minister assisted by a council of ministers and legislators. The political parties with a majority controlled the administration. Again there is a Central Government which looked after many important portfolios like Defense, Home, Law and Justice, Industries, Education, Health and Information technology etc. Central Government was like the head of the family which controlled the over all interest of the family. Each members were entrusted with looking after a particular region and every one was accountable to the Constitution of the Country with many major important items are held with the Center and the State has got certain powers in respect of the State administration.

Nowadays, no single party is able to muster majority strength in the Parliament or assemblies. Hence, they seek the support of smaller regional parties to get the necessary majority to rule. This compromises the authority of major party which has the maximum number of members elected under their party's tickets. This again affects the decision making process. Though the ruling party formulates different policies for the people, the regional parties do not cooperate fully during such times. They blackmail the ruling party threatening to withdraw their support to the ruling party. The media comes into picture here. They highlight the differences and make a hill out of a molehill and influence the readers. Common man has no idea what is going on in the coalition government. This becomes the spicy subject for discussion, interviews, deliberations and judgement by the media. Media can easily depict some one as honest and some other as corrupt by their articles.

Since we get news only through the media, there is no other way to verify the correctness and form opinion. One person has been hailed as a flawless character in one particular media. The other section of the media dubs him as the most notorious character. This goes on in full swing during the onset of elections. Unbiased reporting is rare. Each party controls its own newspapers, magazines and TV. Naturally, such party affiliated media will always praise their leader and his activities and slams the opposite parties and their leader. Character assassination has become the order of the day. Whether it is inside the Parliament or in public meetings, influential leaders sling mud at the opposition leaders. If we go through such news channels regularly, we will be forced to form opinion about a particular party.

In the current IT age, we have access to news feed from several channels. Sometimes, it happens that the media employs brainwashing tactics to influence the public opinion. Nowadays, social media like twitter, Facebook and various blog posts influence the opinion of general public like the newspapers and TV. All political parties use the media to influence the public mind by way of advertisements, video clips and discussion forums through several gadgets.Even the FM radios take up the task of browbeating the general public. Hence we should never be influenced by the news feed or articles. Hence the influence of media can not be neglected anymore.


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    • profile image

      saisarannaga 4 years ago from Chennai in Tamilnadu, India.

      Thank you PositronWildhawk for the review. As the election times are nearing in India, there is a feverish pitch in the entire media. As you said, It is the media which decides the result and not the voters. Such a powerful medium should concentrate on the welfare of the people by highlighting the lacuna in administration. Thank you once again.

    • PositronWildhawk profile image

      PositronWildhawk 4 years ago from London

      Interesting hub, I definitely agree that nowadays most peoples opinions and views of the world around them are hugely shaped by the media. I think this has been the case for a while now.

      All the way back in 1992, it is thought that the popular UK tabloid the Sun played a large part in the unexpected conservative victory in the UK general elections. The newspaper led a campaign against the Labour Party leader, Neil Kinnock, which culminated in the election day headline, "If Kinnock wins today will the last person to leave Britain please turn out the lights".

      "It's The Sun Wot Won It" was the newspaper headline the next day, and has since become a famous political catch phrase in the United Kingdom.