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Medieval Times - A Review

Updated on May 25, 2022
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Medieval Times


You might have seen a parody of Medieval Times in films and television. One such example was in the movie, The Cable Guy starring Jim Carrey and Matthew Broderick. I saw this movie on cable shortly after actually going to Medieval Times, coincidentally.

  • Medieval Times is a show that has been talked about a lot since I was a kid. It boasts being the #1 dinner show in North America.
  • I finally attended the spectacle recently and my curiosity about Medieval Times has been satisfied.

It turns out that while joked about in a parody or two, Medieval Times is actually great fun for the whole family. It is what you make of it. If you go to the Medieval Times show intending to enjoy yourself, then you surely will!

There are 8 locations in the USA and 1 in Toronto, Canada. There is an average of three shows per business day at locations, as mentioned in one of the videos below. The USA 'castles' are located in California, Florida, Maryland, South Carolina, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey and Texas.

You begin by seeing an ad in a tourist magazine, newspaper or television commercial (or perhaps this hub!). If the show sparks your interest, you might call up or go on-line for tickets. What you won't find in the original ad are details such as the menu for this dinner show.

Here are some of those details. You can also go to the Medieval Times website for further information. Medieval Times is a play of sorts, set in the Middle Ages, specifically the 11th century (hence the name). You enter a castle that was built within modern time but is staged to look Medieval. In the lobby, there are various souvenirs for sale.

For an extra couple of dollars than what was originally paid for your ticket, you can even go through a cave (a narrow hallway) that displays tools of torture such as spiked wheels that were used in ancient times. Parents are warned not to take their kids through that section.

A greeting

Next you are greeted by one of the characters who is a Master of ceremonies of sorts. He describes what is about to take place and acts as the gracious host.

It becomes a bit of a waiting game for the early arrivals. Getting there early insures that you have the best choice of seats. There are 5 rows of seating. Getting there early can mean being in row 1 instead of row 5.

To bide the time, you can buy drinks, go through the hall of torture tools, buy some of the souvenirs, or observe as kids get "knighted" for special occasions such as birthdays.

Medieval Times

a beautiful horse
a beautiful horse

Getting called into the Great Hall at Medieval Times

Finally, you get called into a great hall according to colors that you are assigned. You are given a color such as green, red, blue or yellow and told to cheer for the green, red, blue or yellow team respectively. You also get a paper crown to wear on your head (or not;-).

What's for dinner at Medieval Times?: A Four Course Meal

Once you are seated in the great hall, you are served what is advertised as a four course meal when you buy your ticket and it is quite filling. Here is the detail:

  • First course - tomato soup
  • Second course - garlic bread
  • Third course - half of a small roasted chicken and one barbecued spare rib with potato
  • Fourth course - dessert, an apple turnover

Fun for the whole family at Medieval Times

By the time you reach your third course, the show is in full swing. You see a live performance of 'knights' riding on beautiful horses in the center of a ring. The rows with table tops surround the ring so that you can eat while you watch. Among the knights, fighting is staged with fencing and jousting. Many of the knights act like they are falling off of their horses in battle but of course it is a rehearsed jump off of the horse.

Everything is quite entertaining as you watch the skills of the 'knights' in riding and fencing. The actors stay in character throughout from the time you enter the lobby and meet the host to the time you say goodbye and exit. Many of the men keep their hair very long to give the authentic look of the time.

Take a trip to Medieval Times for fun for the whole family!

the knights in formation
the knights in formation
trotting tricks with the skilled, trained horses
trotting tricks with the skilled, trained horses

The Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament in Kissimmee, Florida

How Medieval Times Serves 1300 Dinners in 30 minutes

© 2009 Nyesha Pagnou MPH


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