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Mediocre Film | The Mechanic (2011, Remake)

Updated on November 3, 2014
Another average Jason Statham 'action-packed' flick
Another average Jason Statham 'action-packed' flick | Source

The Mechanic (2011): Review

No-one gets in quite as many action films these days, as Jason Statham does, the British man's-man. "The Mechanic" (2011) is a remake of a classic Michael Winner film, called "The Mechanic", released back in 1972, starring Charles Bronson (starred in the "Death Wish" films).

As-far-as a remake, "The Mechanic" (2011) was an average film, nothing more, nothing less. Jason Statham's films are all majority-wise, average. So, this won't surprise most Jason Statham fans, but it's certainly worth watching for anyone who has an interest in action-flicks.

The choice to bring Ben Foster (Starred in 3:10 to Yuma [remake] and Lone Survivor) into "The Mechanic" was a smart move, as he certainly fitted the character he was playing, being the hitman's apprentice.

Donald Sutherland spends very little time in "The Mechanic" which I found to be the first disappointment with the film, as I found his character to be quite interesting.

The role as a hitman is something Jason Statham fits well-as, due to the natural tough-guy look which he has. Statham also has a way of playing the loner quite well, without looking out-of-place, having helped make his role as a hitman more realistic.

I consider myself to be a big Statham fan, but this didn't cloud my view of the film, as I look at all films in the same way, which is with an eye for mistakes. Few obvious mistakes were made in the film, however it still lacked any kind of subtle danger or surprises, as the plot was predictable, the story was mildly interesting, but, the acting was great.

Statham and Foster worked well together, with Statham as 'the hitman' and Foster as the troubled young man who becomes the hitman's (Statham's) apprentice, teaching Foster's character how to become a professional assassin.

In honesty, I haven't seen the original of this remake, but I can say with reassurance that "The Mechanic" (2011) was a descent remake, but it could have been better, had they adapted the storyline and plot to become a little less predictable and chose someone else to play the lead hitman role, who has global appeal, still suiting the hitman character.

The Statham market appeal is well-niched, giving Statham a handsome income, however in terms of producing a great 'blockbuster' film, we haven't seen one yet and "The Mechanic" certainly isn't it.

Although, still a great guys night in film, as the action is plentiful and the shooting is non-stop. Statham knows how to pull-off the tough-guy character, however, the entire hitman package, probably not. But he certainly puts on a good show.

Popcorn at the Ready!

An action, crime, thriller; "The Mechanic" offers a whole ton of action to contend with, filling the film from start-to-finish. No matter how many times you see "The Mechanic", it always entertains with the shoot-outs and instant Statham tough-guy, kick-ass moments, as he takes down an entire group of bad guys, to then take down more bad guys. The cycle continues...

"The Mechanic" is certainly a must-see action-flick, as it has all of the action elements to entertain those who enjoy a descent action film. However those who look for more meaning behind a film, I would advise looking elsewhere, as there are much more meaningful and better films out there.

As a crime film, this element certainly plays a large role, as in all action films, due to the shootings and crimes taking place. Usually, or in fact, always, in Statham film, there is Statham roaming around (guns in hand), shooting every bad guy in plain site, as he goes in search of revenge, redemption, or simply doing the typical action-hero role.

"The Mechanic" is just the same, as Statham plays the likeable hitman who takes on board an apprentice, but soon finds things getting complicated.

Then, there's the thriller element to "The Mechanic", being a tough aspect to fulfil, but as far as thrilling is concerned, I wasn't impressed, as I see "The Mechanic" as being your average action-flick and nothing more.

So, how does the film pace, from start-to-finish?

"The Mechanic" starts well, offering up the action, soon bringing clues into play, making the film more interesting, as I spent some time trying to place what might happen next. However, in truth, the film was a little predictable, but as an optimist, I was holding out for the film to be a little bit more in-depth, but I wasn't too surprised to find that it wasn't that in-depth, at all.

This is your typical, yet, still entertaining, Statham film with plenty of tough-guy action, but not enough of an interesting plot to sustain anything truly amazing.

The action scenes and the one-to-one training between the hitman (master) and the apprentice (student) kept the film entertaining, but expect a simple action-flick and not much more. By doing this, you'll enjoy the film far more.

The ending! You guessed it... predictable.

But... it was entertaining, for an action-flick ending, but not necessarily worth paying top-dollar for, as at the end of the day, it's an average film.

The Mechanic official poster - - tagline: someone has to fix the problems.
The Mechanic official poster - - tagline: someone has to fix the problems. | Source

Adapted Well to the 2010s (Decade) Audience

Action films have generally been decent since the 80's, back when Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone were the action-heroes who were praised at the time for their work as actors.

Although, over the past couple of decades since the 80's, action films have gradually become more realistic, due to the advances in technology, thus, resulting in audiences expectations to be higher for these films.

On-the-other-hand, we are still fairly relaxed towards action films, due to them being outrageously unrealistic a lot of the time, but we still love them anyway.

"The Mechanic" is another one of these highly unrealistic action films, but then again, it is the level of unrealistic events that makes us love action films so much. Although, in our minds, we still somehow believe these things could actually happen the way they happen in films, partly due to films looking so real these days.

So, if you watch "The Mechanic", then you're in for an action-packed joy ride, but don't expect to watch the best film since The Godfather, as this isn't it, but still a descent action-flick which will entertain for a good hour and a half.

Official "The Mechanic" (2011) Trailer - - Enjoy!

"The Mechanic"... Feedback!

Have you seen The Mechanic (2011), and if so, how would you rate it?

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Thank-God for "The Mechanic" 2011, Remake

"The Mechanic" is a film most will have anticipated to be a mediocre film, due to it being a Statham film, but still worth watching, as action films rarely become the top of anyone's best-films-of-all-time list.

However, still a great action-flick, I would recommend watching, if you; a) like Jason Statham films or b) enjoy watching mediocre action films (because I know I do).

The flow of the story, from scene-to-scene, was passable, as it kept your attention as most action films do, but the surprises were not existent as the entire story could be predicted 5 mins into the film.

But, that is why you should go into watching "The Mechanic" with no expectations, as this way you'll enjoy the film for what it is, being a descent Statham film, more than capable of entertaining for 93 mins (approx. - - 1 hour and a half).

Jason Statham suits being a hitman, but it killed his characters mysteriousness by having his character talk a lot, as it is always more appealing to have a mysterious hitman with a secretive lifestyle, only they know about.

Although, this would have been hard to achieve, as in teaching the apprentice, Statham (the hitman) would have needed to talk, but they could have still kept the talking to a minim. Even though arguably Statham's character didn't speak a heck of a lot, it still felt like too much, in my opinion.

I guess, creating a hitman in a film, being the main character, is pretty difficult, I still feel that "The Mechanic" could have had a more realistic hitman which may have turned this film from being an average action-flick, into being at the very least, a good action-flick.

The Mechanic (star) - - Jason Statham
The Mechanic (star) - - Jason Statham | Source

"The Mechanic" (2011) Film

Box Office (Worldwide Gross)
Available on Netflix Instant (UK)
The Mechanic (2011)

"The Mechanic", Another Average "Statham" Film

Another average Statham film to add to his filmography, but still good enough to watch and enjoy. A watch-able film is never a bad film, but not one which is going to win any awards.

Watch "The Mechanic", if you are into action-flicks as it will more-than entertain you, offering all that a Statham film has to offer; action, action, and more action.

Although, as-far-as remakes are concerned, this film could have been much better, but still passable in my opinion.

The Mechanic (2011) Rating



"The Mechanic" (an average remake), the first in the "mediocre" series, is a Statham film I quite enjoy watching. Not a bad remake, although, it could have been better.

Do you agree that "The Mechanic" (2011) is a mediocre film? Or, do you think it is better or worse than average? ...Leave your answer in the comments box below.

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If you have any questions or thoughts, then please leave them in the comments box below, as I will make sure to reply as-soon-as-possible, as I am interested to hear your thoughts.

Thank-you for reading

"I do the research, so that you don't have to"

Your friendly movie, games writer: Craig Easom


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    • Craig Easom profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from British Empire

      Hi Ann1Az2,

      Admittedly, Jason Statham has starred in many action movies over the past decade, but I can't think of a single one which I would rate far above average. The Transporter was one of Jason's better movies, but as you've stated, it didn't hold all of the elements which create a great action movie. It's sad to see Bruce Willis grow old, as in his prime he was one of the best action stars in Hollywood. These days, however, Bruce Willis isn't the actor I look for in action films, as I turn to Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig and Matt Damon to fulfil my action movie cravings. Jason is a good actor and deserves to get better, more in-depth roles to test his talents as an actor. To touch on your point about Jason taking over Bruce Willis's action reign, I don't think Jason quite has the screen presence which Bruce Willis has. Although, I do think that Jason will remain a successful action star, present in Hollywood, but the only remaining question is, can Jason Statham handle the big budget movie roles?

    • Ann1Az2 profile image


      3 years ago from Orange, Texas

      I like Jason Statham. His movies, though, like you say are not all that great. They should put him in better roles because he's a good actor. When I watched The Transporter, I enjoyed his acting but the plot lacked substance. I'm thinking that The Mechanic is probably of the same caliber.

      There just hasn't been anyone to top Bruce Willis as far as the action-packed tough guy persona in my opinion. But Bruce Willis is getting too old for the job. Perhaps Jason will take his place if they ever put him in a decent movie with a good plot like Die Hard was.


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