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Christina Hendricks Next Sexiest Women Alive

Updated on September 3, 2010

Christina Hendricks Sexiest Women Alive

Meet Christina Hendricks from "Mad Men" on AMC. This red head bombshell is the next thing to make you drool over a actress their is nothing about this women that isn't beautiful. From her ability to pull off bright red lipstick with her fair skin. Then to her curves of a true women. Theirs nothing fake about her she's all women and natural to which makes it even better. I don't know about anyone else but I can't stand all these fake women. Not to be bad but Christina is best known for her chest because she shows it off in lots of dresses and does it in a classy way.

Age isn't everything.

Bet you couldn't guess how old she is 25 is what I would think well she's 35 and lets face it in hollywood that's old.  This new face is so refreshing to show that supposedly older women still have it going on.  I just wonder if she is single or not? LOL

This is her again on the cover of the NEW YORK Magazine and she is gorgeous again. Their is lots of nominations for her you can view a complete listing of them here Now you must be confused because she isn't a natural redhead.  She is actually a blond and I would love to see that picture some day.  But I think with her skin and body a red head is great for it.  She did alot of acting in Fairfax, VA in her school play and played in a couple different movies that didn't make it huge.  I bet now they are big just because her name is on them.

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