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Meeting Mobis

Updated on May 25, 2013
My desire is not just to be famous but to do the thing i like the most very well, i desire to leave a mark and to inspire people with my work thus my film acting career.

I met Mr Mobis not by accident, he was looking for a fair color actor to cast in a movie then the connection was made and we worked together in his film Bag of love, i played a minor role; my Opie Hammer. We remained together after that film and he promised to give me a big role in his next project. Reflecting back to where i come from,i will say that meeting Mobis is an answer to my prayer because as an upcoming actor with less contact in the film industry,it is just hard to carry on. There is sometimes an offer but at the end nothing is done and sometimes they call and they don't pay. I have featured in four films before meeting Mobis but i got nothing from the producers of them, no pay, no credit, nothing.

Who am i?

People always ask this because of my name and the famous step brother who denied me.

With my step brother's fame and connection,my career as an actor is suppose to be balanced but instead it became the opposite, he dared me and don't want to see me in any movie.

- "Acting is not for everyone" he said

I have this die hard spirit and my belief is that one will surely be what he is meant to be, without the help of anyone,all that matter is the belief and faith then the rest is history.

Mr Mobis called me that morning and told me about his new movie (Transformer) then sent me a script, he told me that i matched the character (Blondy), two days later,i was invited for rehearsal, it was an intense rehearsal which we did for four months, meeting every Saturday and sometimes a day or two within the week then finally, the entire cast was assembled and the shooting commenced.

Rounding up the shooting changed my entire perspective about life and triggered this zeal to pursue my goal with utmost determination. Thanks to Mr. Mobis who not only directed me in the movie but helped me see reasons why i should not judge or hate the one who denied me, he made it clear to me that everything that happen to us as humans happen for a reason therefore, he said that i should consider my brother's refusal to assist me in my career as a challenge. He told me so many life changing stories.

A look at his face tells me one thing; the world will hear of me through this guy. You see, it is not that i want to tell a whole story but i asked Mr Mobis to do it this way so that other people like me will gain some energy through it and pursue their goals with determination. I got a call on Thursday from USA, someone wants to feature me in a movie, thanks to Mobis Films and Studio Ventures. Anyway, what i have learned so far is that Your life changing event is something significant that happens to you and shapes how you view life and possibly alters you in a significant way. It could be in any form.

What else do i need?

Anyway watch out for this movie Transformer, it is highly educative.

The pictures herein are most of the scenes i featured in the movie.(Transformer)



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