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Review of the Album "Youthanasia" by American Heavy Metal Band Megadeth

Updated on August 7, 2022
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Ara is a journalism graduate from California State University, Northridge, who is always looking to explore his writing opportunities.

What Kind of an Album is Youthanasia Really?

American heavy metal band Megadeth has had a reputation for being one of the elite American heavy metal bands along with Metallica, Exodus, and Slayer. How is their 6th full-length album Youthanasia? I have to give this one an honest, in-depth review for those that may be wondering how this album is like more than 20 years after its release. I had reviewed the album before but now that two decades have passed, we have to look back and see where this got the band compared to where they could have been. The lineup remains unchanged from the previous album Countdown to Extinction. Nick Menza’s last contribution with Megadeth would be the album called Cryptic Writings. Marty Friedman would leave Megadeth in 2000 to be replaced by Al Pitreli. Youthanasia may be one of those albums that may be a mixed effort in terms of the great songs and not so great songs.

"Youthanasia" Songs List

  1. Reckoning Day
  2. Train of Consequences
  3. Addicted to Chaos
  4. A Tout Le Monde
  5. Elysian Fields
  6. The Killing Road
  7. Blood of Heroes
  8. Family Tree
  9. Youthanasia
  10. I Thought I Knew it All
  11. Black Curtains
  12. Victory (Note: songs 13 through 16 are only available as bonus tracks on the Japanese release). The bonus tracks are in italics.
  13. A Crown of Worms
  14. Holy Wars…The Punishment Due (LIVE)
  15. Symphony of Destruction (LIVE)
  16. Sweating Bullets (LIVE)

A Brief Review and Analysis of the Album Youthanasia

Youthanasia represents a transition and turning point for Megadeth. The album is more mainstream in nature. The songs are not as heavy as the previous albums and they are slower for the most part. After the okay song called "Reckoning Day," we hear the song called Train of Consequences. This one was featured on the program called Headbanger’s Boll back in the early 1990’s. There was a music video made for the song. Next comes the very groovy song called "Addicted to Chaos." A Tout Le Monde is about a person who looks back at his life and realizes how little he has accomplished. His soul departs from his body as he tells his loved ones his goodbyes. This is another song that I would consider to be average at best. This is followed by the song called "Elysian Fields" which is very uninspiring. After the heavy and aggressive song The Killing Road, "Blood of Heroes" is another one that I would always listen to back in the day. The song is about the description of a heroic person that heads into battle. The brave ones never really die and they always do their best to help the country or city succeed. "Family Tree" is about someone who lets his family know how much he loves them and he would do anything to make his family is loved and taken care of. Youthanasia the title track has a very good, heavy medium fast part in the middle of the song. In an attempt to go mainstream. Megadeth did not really create an album that is elite or like the kind of material that they were known for before this album. At best, Youthanasia has its good moments. This is despite the fact that the last song called "Victory" is a good fast one to end the album. The song is kind of about a recap of their career as they make reference to the earlier songs in their career. The best songs in Youthanasia are:

  • Addicted to Chaos
  • The Killing Road
  • Blood of Heroes
  • Family Tree
  • Youthanasia
  • Victory

And the few good songs in this album are:

  • Train of Consequences
  • I Thought I Knew It All

"The Killing Road"

Final Thoughts About the Album "Youthanasia"

The best songs in the album are Addicted to Chaos, The Killing Road, Blood of Heroes, Family Tree, Youthanasia, and Victory. Is it a really mediocre album? As someone that has listened to tons of heavy metal albums over a 25 year period, even if songs like Reckoning Day and Train of Consequences are decent songs, that still not enough to make Youthanasia a great heavy metal album. Even though Megadeth still gets my vote for being among the 20 best heavy metal bands of all time, Youthanasia is a step down for a band that had its peak from 1983 until 1992. Even so, as of 2020 and another listen to Youthanasia reveals that this is more of an experimental album that is more musically watered down style. Even so, the album is not as bad as previously thought.

Having said that, Youthanasia is an album that may leave some fans disappointed and they may not be able to sit through the entire album.

Youthanasia and the decline of Megadeth as a band

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"Blood of Heroes"

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