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Megan Fox: Who is She - A Short Bio/Biography

Updated on June 1, 2010

Megan Fox - Her Younger Years and Beginnings

Kayleen is my daughter’s gal pal. The two, like many teenage girls, are enthralled with the big screen and glossy magazines. I have to say, I think that Kayleen is one of Megan Fox’s biggest fans and her enthusiasm is irresistible. Kayleen, this one is for you!

On May 16, 1986, Megan Denise Fox was born in Oak Ridge, Tennessee in the United States. Her parents, Darlene Tonachio and Franklin Foxx, also have another daughter, Kristie. Megan is the younger of the two children. At the age of 3, she watched Judy Garland play the role of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. Inspired after watching the movie, she decided that she would be an actress. She was determined to become an actress and began taking drama classes at a community centre when she was 5. In addition to drama classes, she enrolled in extracurricular activities by joining the Kingston Elementary School’s chorus and the Kingston Clipper’s swim team. By the age of 10, she and her family moved to St. Petersburg, Florida where she continued her training. She began her modeling career at the age of 13.

During her high school years, she joined the cheerleading team but was treated poorly by the other girls. They teased her, made fun of her and treated her with no respect. Despite the way she was being treated, she continued to focus and move forward to attaining her ultimate goal. She won several awards at the American Modeling and Talent Convention in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. These accomplishments opened many doors for her.

In 2001, at the age of 15, she was cast in Holiday in the Sun as heiress Brianna Wallace and rival of Alex Stewart, which was played by Ashley Olsen. The movie went straight to video, but it fueled her fire to be an actress. She turned down modeling shoots and decided that for her to be successful at attaining her goal, she would have to move closer to Hollywood. She and her mother moved to Los Angeles to follow her dream.

She auditioned, and auditioned and auditioned more. Slowly, she was beginning to be cast into roles. In 2002, she landed the lead role as Ione Star in the television series Ocean Avenue which lasted 2 seasons where she appeared in 122 one hour long episodes. In 2002, she guest starred in one episode of the television show What I Like About You. In 2003, she was an uncredited extra in Bad Boys II. In 2004, Fox guest starred in an episode on Two and Half Men. In the same year, Fox made her film debut as Carla Santi in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen while co-starring opposite of Lindsay Lohan as her character rival. She continued her television roles and was cast in a recurring role in Hope and Faith where she portrayed Sydney Shanowski. Fox continued to play her character until the show was cancelled in 2006. She also appeared in The Help and Crimes of Fashion.


Megan Fox - Hollywood, Here She Comes!

Megan Fox’s big break came in 2007 when she was cast as Mikaela Banes in the live action film Transformers as the love interest of Sam Witwicky.  She was nominated for three Teen Choice Awards in the category of “Choice Movie Actress:  Action Adventure”, “Choice Movie:  Breakout Female”, and “Choice Movie: Liplock”.  She was signed on for two more Tranformers sequels. 


In June 2007, Fox was cast in a minor role in the film How to Lose Friends & Alienate People and starred alongside Jeff Bridges, Kirsten Dunst and Simon Pegg.  This film did not do well at the box office, nor did her 2008 film Lost in Whore.   

Jennifer’s Body was released in 2009, which is the first time she was cast in a lead role.  She portrays Jennifer Check, who is a mean cheerleader cursed by a demonic possession.  This demonic possession begins to feed itself off the boys in a Minnesota farming town. 

The sequel to Tranformers, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, was released worldwide on June 24, 2009 and featured Fox as Mikaela Banes.  For those who are following the Tranformers film franchise, it is official that Megan Fox will not be returning to the third sequel of this series as Mikaela Banes.  British model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has been cast as the new love interest for Sam Witwicky and filming has begun on this sequel.

Megan Fox will be portrayed as Leila in Jonah Hex.  She is a gun-wielding beauty and the love interest of Jonah Hex, who is played by Josh Brolin.  This film is now in production and is scheduled to be released on June 18, 2010. 

The following year, 2011, will have Fox star in the film The Crossing as the lead female.  The plot of this movie revolves around a young couple who, while on vacation, get caught up in a drug trafficking scheme in Mexico.   This movie is still in pre-production.

It was reported in March, 2009 that Fox is set to star in the lead role as Aspen Matthews in the film Fathom, which is another comic book adaption to film.  This movie is also in pre-production and has her co-producing with Brian Austin Green. 

Megan Fox - Her Reason for Tattoos is Bad Attitude

Megan Fox is not only known for her modeling and acting career, but also for her tattoos. For many followers, she carries her tattoos with class, style and sensuality. She loves her tattoos and has transcended the barrier of having them as "body art". Instead, her tattoos are a reflection of her emotions and mindset at they time that she chose them. She sports eight tattoos and each is located on different regions of her body. The most sensuous tattoo is a poem that she wrote herself which has the words tattooed on each rib as it spans across her left rib cage. The most inconspicuous and smallest is her first tattoo which is centered on the back of her neck. It is one Chinese calligraphy character that translates into the word "strength". Megan Fox loves her tattoos and many fans are holding their breath as they wait for her to reveal her newest and latest tattoo.

Megan Fox - Foxy Megan, A Star on the Rise

Megan Fox, nicknamed Foxy Megan, is a rising celebrity that many follow and with her career just beginning, we will more than likely see more of her in future movies, events and on covers of magazines at a national and international level.

© May 31, 2010

Copyright Beth100

Photo Sources:  Various sites and photographers

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen - Official Trailer


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    • Beth100 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Canada

      My Cook Book - She is beautiful and was also terrific in Transformers. Thank you!

    • My Cook Book profile image

      Dil Vil 

      7 years ago from India

      Beautiful actress Megan Fox... In Transformers, she was awesome. Good hub.

    • Beth100 profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from Canada

      Steven -- That's quite a bit to chew on! ha ha ha Yes, I hope that she does land on her feet again. It's been her childhood dream to be an actress, and it's always wonderful when one can realize these dreams into reality. Thanks for your thoughts!

      I'm doing fine, and I hope that you are too! xox

    • Stevennix2001 profile image


      9 years ago

      Although I think from reading about Megan Fox recently, I think she's a lot more intelligent and opinionated about various issues than people give her credit for. However, her and Shia seem to suffer from the fact that neither can seemingly keep their mouths shut, as Harrison Ford eluded to.

      However, unlike Shia, Megan Fox sadly hasn't starred in any blockbusters outside of her "Transformer" franchise. Plus, I was reading that supposedly the person that fired her from the last "Transformers" movie was Steven Spielberg himself. And from what I've heard and read about him, he's considered one of the most influential figures in Hollywood...and arguably the most influential. Hell, if you look back at the cartoon series, Animaniacs,I heard he was able to pull off a few strings to get a famous broadway actress to voice one of the characters, as that should tell anyone how much power and influence he has.

      In a way, I feel sorry for Megan Fox at this point, as I know all it's going to take for Spielberg to do is to make a few phone calls, and she'll probably never be heard from again in Hollywood mainstream. Which is rather sad, as I know Spielberg could've probably been one of her biggest allies had she played her cards right, and if producing was something that she wanted to do, then I know spielberg could've had her well connected. Now, it's too little...too late.

      Don't get me wrong, I think Megan Fox seems like a nice person. And from what I know of Bay, he definitely seems like an over controlling perfectionist jerk, and the way he exploits women in his films is fairly understandable to see why Fox would hate him so much. However, like any other job, you can't insult your boss publicly and expect to get away with it.

      Don't get me wrong, I hope she still manages to land on her feet, but only time will tell..

      on a brighter note though, I hope you're doing okay, as it's been ages since I last saw you. I miss talking to you, and I hope that wherever you are that you're doing okay. :) Love steven. xoxoxo

    • Beth100 profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Canada

      Trsmd -- She is one lady who has found her passion in acting and modelling. Thanks for dropping in!

    • Trsmd profile image


      10 years ago from India

      Megan Fox inspires tremendous devotion and loyalty in her loved ones.

    • Beth100 profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Canada

      Steven -- Thank you for the great compliment! I didn't intend to change anyone's opinion about her, but I'm glad to know that I did. As for Taylor and Robert...that's very curious. I'll have to try to write some hubs on them...just for you. :) As for Lautner, he was not half bad in his younger days and perhaps it's the combination of players in his recent Twilight series that has him looking inept at acting. Pattinson...well, that's another story. The first time I saw him was in the Potter movies and he didn't have much of role then...I'll have to check out his more recent ones and then write a hub on him too. But, these two are behind some requests that I haven't answered yet. My bad. Thanks Steve! :) xo

    • Stevennix2001 profile image


      10 years ago

      I have to admit, I'm not particularly a huge fan of hers, but you do write a very impressive hub about her career life thus far. This hub kind of reminded me of the time when my college english teacher asked the class to write an auto biography about our heroes, and I wrote mine on Michael Jordan. Although I wish I would've kept a copy of that assignment, as even my teacher was impressed by it. Sadly, I think I ended up throwing it away eventually. lol. Oh well. What can you do?

      Anyway, great hub, as you completely changed my perception of her as an actress. Something that I rarely do when reading auto biographies about ANY celebrity, as most tend to be biased. However, yours was more straight forward and didn't come off that way. No, yours just seem to tell exactly what her life was like growing up and how she managed to become an actress. Heck, you even managed to put me to shame, as I didn't even know she was co-producing "Fathom." I wish I would've known, so I could've included it in my five part hub series, "Superheroes Assemble!" lol Oh well. lol.

      "The Crossing" sounds very promising, as it might get her away from that public perception of her being just another pretty face in Hollywood. As it sounds like she's a very intelligent actress that really wants a long outstanding career in the industry. Something that I pegged all wrong about her. Now all you need to do is write a short auto biography on Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson, and maybe you'll convince me they're not the two worst male actors in the world. lol

      Anyway, your daughter is right, you are a cool mom. ;) As you even managed to change my opinion about her....something that most people will tell you is not an easy thing to do when it comes to actors and actresses. Believe me that's a compliment.

    • Beth100 profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Canada

      Couponalbum -- She is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful women in this world. I'm glad that you enjoyed this hub. Thank you for your great comments.

    • couponalbum profile image


      10 years ago from Sunnyvale, CA

      Megan is one of my favorites. She has an amazing figure and lovely face. I truly like the ways she poses for shots, be it any award ceremony or a photo shoot. She is just amazing. It was interesting to know lot about her. Thanks for the info. Overall, a nice hub. :)

    • Beth100 profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Canada

      Jennifer -- It proves to show that when one has a dream and the desire to fulfill it, one can. Thanks for dropping by!

    • Jennifer D. profile image

      Jennifer D. 

      10 years ago from Canada

      Nicely done, Beth! Interesting how Ms. Fox decided to put modelling on the back burner to pursue her dream. She made it happen and now she's an international success.

      We all could learn a thing or two from this gorgeous girl.

      Lovely photos as well.

    • Beth100 profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Canada

      Dohn -- Yea, Kayleen gave me the stamp of approval -- and she has to be Megan Fox's #1 fan. :) Now, I have your stamp too! :) Thanks Dohn!

    • dohn121 profile image


      10 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      You did an excellent job on this hub, Beth. I see that Kayleen approves ;) I always wanted to learn about Megan Fox and now, I've done it, thanks to your thorough research. Thanks again!


    • Beth100 profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Canada

      Truth From Truth -- Glad you like this. Thank you.

    • Truth From Truth profile image

      Truth From Truth 

      10 years ago from Michigan

      Nice, thanks.

    • Beth100 profile imageAUTHOR


      10 years ago from Canada

      Hey Kayleen! Your welcome and it was a pleasure to write this for you. I'm relieved that I received your stamp of approval. Afterall, you are Megan Fox's number 1 fan!! Thank you for letting me know! :)

    • profile image


      10 years ago

      Thank you so much for writing this for me! It's made my month :D And I'm proud to say all of this information is 100% correct, good job writing it ^^


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