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Meghan Markle Mortified by Her Father's Interview on 'Good Morning Britain'

Updated on June 21, 2018

Meghan Blindsided

Meghan Markle is having a tough enough time dealing with the media without her father adding more fuel to the fire.
Meghan Markle is having a tough enough time dealing with the media without her father adding more fuel to the fire. | Source

Just Wow

Meghan Markle's father didn't appear at all shy when he showed up out of the blue on "Good Morning Britain." This marks his first interview since Meghan married Prince Harry. According to the latest reports, Thomas Markle was "unusually candid" as he chatted with the "GMB" hosts and shared personal information on both Meghan and Harry.

According to the Daily Star, this interview was not something believed to be cleared by Kensington Palace and it was a total shock to Meghan that her father would do this to her. The last bit of embarrassment that Tom Markle bestowed on his daughter is when he posed for pictures for the media just before Meghan's wedding.

The discussion on "GMB" ranged from Thomas offering his views on when the newest royal couple will have children. He also offered up political views that he said came from Prince Harry himself. This probably didn't go over very well within the Royal Family as they are known for sharing comments on world politics.

Prince Harry's Views on Trump

Thomas Markle even discussed Harry's view on Donald Trump.
Thomas Markle even discussed Harry's view on Donald Trump. | Source

What Was He Attempting to Do?

Thomas Markle told the "GMB" hosts that during one of the several phone conversations he has had with his new son-in-law Harry, they talked about Donald Trump. This is a topic that Harry and the rest of the Royal's have steered clear of when it comes to the media.

Meghan's father told Prince Harry that he didn't like Donald Trump. He then told the "GMB" hosts that Harry asked him to give Trump a chance. Markle said, "I sort of disagreed with that." So not only did he offer up his perception of Harry's political views, he also shot them down at the same time.

Meghan's father also said that Harry was open to the experiment of Brexit. If Harry wants to share his views on Brexit with the folks in his country, he should tell them that himself. His new father-in-law appears to have taken quite a few liberties when it came to discussing Harry's political views.

Meghan's father called his new son-in-law, "a smart guy" and shared that they've carried on quite a few "interesting" phone conversations.

He went as far as discussing the possibility of kids in Meghan and Harry's future, which is a topic that should be reserved for Prince Harry and Meghan only to share with the masses. Just the same he believed the pitter-patter of little feet will be coming along very soon in Meghan and Harry's household.

Meghan Markle's Father, Thomas Markle, on "Good Morning Britain"

Thomas Markle was Paid for Interview

Piers Morgan of "GMB" did confirm that Thomas Markle was paid for his interview and the amount mentioned was a "few thousand pounds," but he did add that he didn't do this for the money. So why did Meghan's father take another chance at embarrassing his daughter by appearing on a popular new show in the country she now calls home?

Why Thomas Markle did this is not known. His motive was not money, according to Morgan, but Markle's reason for dishing out information about his daughter and her new husband was not offered.

He even talked about Prince Charles as the man who stood in for him to give his daughter's hand in marriage. He was very humble about this event saying that he couldn't think of a better choice than Prince Charles when it came to taking his place that day.

According to the Daily Star, Meghan is devastated that her father did this interview, which was embarrassing for the former "Suits" star. She doesn't understand why he would do something like this again after the pictures he posed for right before her wedding caused her much criticism when it came to her family members.

You Can't Pick Your Relatives

What was the reason Thomas Markle interviewed on a popular show in Britain?
What was the reason Thomas Markle interviewed on a popular show in Britain? | Source

Prince Harry's Words

It seems that after Thomas Markle shared Prince Harry's words so openly they became somewhat of a headline maker back on this side of the pond. The Washington Posts headlines today has Harry's reported words to "give Trump a chance" lighting up a headline for an article today.

While Meghan's father might have embarrassed his daughter, the liberties he took with Harry's political views are probably not sitting well with Harry and the rest of the Royal Family. During the interview when Markle was asked if Harry was a Trump supporter he said, "I would hope not now," but adds, "at the time, he might have been." Apparently meaning early on in Trump's campaign and during the early days of his presidency.

Still, even if Markle knew the correct answer to that question he should have said that they needed to ask Prince Harry. He really didn't have the right to speak about anyone's political views and especially not Harry who is in a position where he needs to stay rather neutral in world affairs.

The Queen Is Expected To Be Furious

The Queen is expected to be furious over Meghan's father's interview on "GMB."
The Queen is expected to be furious over Meghan's father's interview on "GMB." | Source

The Queen Is Not Expected To Be Happy

According to the International Business Times, experts on the Royal Family don't expect the Queen to be very happy over Thomas Markle's interview. Royal commentator Angela Levin spoke with Channel 5 News about Markle's interview and she believes the Queen will be angry with Markle's appearance and disclosures on that show.

"I think the Queen will be very angry," Levin said. "She is absolutely the model of the stiff upper lip and not saying anything that is too political." The rest of the Royals have followed her example through the decades, then along comes one of her newest inlaws who quickly undid years and years of this practice.

Levin also said that what Markle said to the world about Harry and Meghan wanting very much to be parents soon would probably horrify Meghan. Her father just basically told the world that they are trying to make a baby, news that isn't usually shared at this point and time by the Royals.

Levin believes Harry will be furious, but his energy will be spent on comforting Meghan who is said to be devastated over what her father did. Meghan is Harry's priority and he will not want her to suffer from the embarrassment created by her father's interview.


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    • profile image

      Jackie Quetot 

      15 months ago

      Everyone has their right if freedom of speech. Even if it is towards the “ROYALS”. If the royals don’t want comments about them, then they should keep their lives private . But as of now their lives are an open book. Deal with it!!!

    • profile image


      15 months ago

      I watched that interview . I think everyone is making a mountain out of a mow hill . If the media didn't post it all over the news , no one else would be too concerned about it . It seems to bother them more then any one else . And so what if they are trying to start a family . Isn't that what most couples do after they marry ? Stop the gossip and quit making everything such a big deal .

    • profile image

      Edith Tate 

      15 months ago

      I still think ITV are to blame here . They asked the man such leading questions which they know would not go down well with the palace and most of the British public .he is a American and will not know the rights and wrongs as to what to say .itv would put words into his mouth . Oh and at the end of the day it has always been about money ,I just feel so sorry for Harry and Meghan .there just want to do good for us all .and all they get in return is her family upsetting things as much as they can .


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